Episode 8

Welcome to Episode 8.

First, here is a “Getting Started” Video by Rory… direct to you so you understand how this was set up for your Success. And the power of the Marketing House and Anchor Offers.

Episode 8 will be our guide to getting going. From the time you have your PBS you should be walked through everything in order by your Instructor. Here are the step-by-step “best and easiest” ways we have found to getting your PBS up and going, and in getting to where you can see income(s) the quickest.

Please go thru these items in order below to insure you are getting your PBS Up and Going in the Correct Manner:

1) Go to your training page: https://rrr247.com/rrr

2) From the TOP, complete the “FIRST“, “SECOND” and “THIRD” items.

3) Then you will be going into STEP 1. 

4) Please pay attention to the Top of the STEP 1 Page. (It is so important). You will see a “Do this First” and a “Do this Second”. These will help you to fully understand what we are doing and why we are succeeding like we are. 

  • Do This First
  • Do This Second (Password is Rory777) THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. You will begin to understand how everything connects and works for you here.

This is where you’ll get things set up and you will be able to get into the V-Marketing Program. We will discuss this once you complete STEP 1 beginning “First” and “Second” items.

5) Then you will follow and complete the Anchor Offers and then getting access to our Financial Assistance programs and more.

Instructors: Please make sure they are set up in DTC Ambassador, Velovita, and SHG. -Rory

6) When you get to “D” we will get you into V-Marketing; where Rory and Tanya will be paying for your marketing to get you earning what should be weekly incomes. This is also going to drive traffic and build into your entire PBS potential.

7) Then we get into the possibilities of the IBO Program (where you can get $750 a month for a minimum of 6 months). This is created thru me as a way to GET you an income to help you build your PBS into Career Incomes during that period. Bridge Income if you will, to get you where you can be.

This is also where we have Financial Assistance Programs in place to help where needed in order to get many others into the IBO and to better their financial standings all together:

  • Credit Repair and more within our SHG Program
  • Debt Programs (as needed)
  • Corporation Structure and Tax Prep with CPA’s for your Tax Needs

8) Then you will continue to complete A, B and C and then;

9) You will go into STEP 2 – forward to complete your EMAIL LIST SET UP, Google AdSense, Search Engine Submissions and so much more. We will be getting through this step by step.

10) Get your Marketing Memes Set up. GO HERE. And apply them to your marketing with Articles, Link Posting and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

One Step at a Time… adding each of the parts that make this Tremendous. That… and be absolutely sure to not miss the Tuesday Night Student Training Calls.


See the Training Call Schedules and Access them from the following Pages. 

https://rrr247webinars.com (Directory of Calls and Access Links to Them All)