Memes and Sayings

Effective Social Media Marketing:  It is all About Memes and Sayings – images that you can share on Social Media.  Be it Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter. These images are great for link post ads and all advertising with images.

And when it comes to Online Marketing with Memes and Sayings, it is all about BRANDING!  We are going to create custom Meme and Branding for your Offer Page for the Social Media Marketing; of your Wine Ambassador, Your Velovita Business, and key offers as we add and modify things going forward.

Our Social Media Department here at have created; and will continue to create new Memes and Sayings each and every Month. This is to keep you up to date, and relevant ongoing.

This is a non-refundable Activation.  You will be set up within 2 to 7 Business Days.  This is Custom Work, and due to the high demand, the wait could take up to 7 Business Days.

Your Social Media Marketing Memes and Sayings Account Activation includes:

And Your Own Branded Logo Similar to the logo for your own Performance Blogging System (PBS). 

Your Own Branded Logo Similar to the logo for your own Performance Blogging System (PBS).

With Focus on our Anchor Offers, and Relevant Products and Services to work within the structure of Performance Blogging.

Your Own Branded Logo Similar to the for all the Velovita Marketing Directions we are on. 

A Dropbox Folder that will contain your initial Memes and Sayings. This same Dropbox Folder will be updated with the Monthly Additions (as provided with the ongoing Monthly Subscription) of new Sayings and Memes to keep up with the times, Seasons, Holidays, etc.

Your Monthly Social Media Marketing Subscription will allow you to receive a minimum of 3 new Meme’s or Sayings. Created by the Social Media Marketing Department each and every month.

Your Activation and Monthly Social Media Marketing Subscription includes full use of the Copyrights’ and Rights of Use for the Custom Memes and Sayings.  

This includes your full right to use the images created with your Logo/Brand (Offer Page, such as for any and all uses for your personal use and for use with promoting your Wine Ambassador Business.  

NOTE:  This is a Conditional Release and is revoked upon Cancellation or Termination of Monthly Subscription.

$79.95 Includes Initial Set-up and 16 Current Memes. (Pricing will adjust as we increase the SetUp Graphics). And then just $10.99 monthly for the additional Memes.

These are subject to change and be updated based upon the time of your Account Activation.

The longer you are part of this, the more you will be building up your ads. This is a long term marketing program.

  • Included is Ongoing Training to Support from on the use and deployment of your Social Media Memes and Sayings.
  • Initial Set Up $595.00 $79.95 (PRICING includes Current Month’s New Releases and Several Images being used for our Anchor Programs already). NOTE: It will be shown as $68.96 plus $10.99 for a total of $79.95). This is set up and 1st Month charge in one. Total is $79.95.
  • After your initial 30 days; your account will continue on a monthly Social Media Marketing subscription; to be billed monthly at $10.99.  
  • MAKE SURE TO LET YOUR INSTRUCTOR KNOW YOU ORDERED YOUR MEMES. And they will be aware that you have full access to what we do in the Meme’s Marketing.

Payments will show as Staggs Loan Processing, Inc. or United Payments.

You are not promised or guaranteed any income amounts, and all success is determined by your own work.  Your ability to earn is dependent upon your own efforts.

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