RRR247 Student Area

RRR247 Student Area. For Training, Support and your Access to 1 on 1 support to insure your Success.

If this is your first time here, WELCOME!  If this is a return visit, welcome back – and let’s get back to the path of success – it is all here. You are getting started and about to learn how to “REALLY” make money online.  This is only available to Enrolled Students, and your success is guaranteed.

FOLLOW THE MARKETING STUDENT TRAINING (EXACTLY AS IT IS GIVEN – IN THE EXACT ORDER IT IS PRESENTED) and your Success is Waiting for you.  Skip through the training, and confusion awaits you.


  • 1 0n 1 Support with an Instructor to Guide you through the Success Path here. If you show up, you will learn and thrive here. We are training all the time to help new people get going and to help existing Students to Thrive at new levels!
  • Access to Weekly Training Zooms. These are LIVE trainings on what is working today. Lead by the Leadership that is Succeeding with this Very System and Platform.
  • Access to Marketing Training Non-Stop. We are here to build incredible Incomes. This is a full time Career for Hundreds and a Part Time “Plan B” or Income Stream for Tens of Thousands.

Once you complete Steps 1 and 2 below you will be ready with the basic knowledge and ready for a Staff Member to guide you through success.  The power of your Enrollment here is truly unique and we operate with you in a Win-Win scenario to build your income.

Watch this VIDEO SECOND on how to navigate through rrr247.com and where everything is located.

AFTER WATCHING THE 2 VIDEOS ABOVE – GO THROUGH THE FOLLOWING 3 STEPS TO GET TRAINED, GET INFORMED, GET SET UP FOR PAYMENTS DIRECTLY TO YOU, AND TO GET STARTED: (This will navigate you through getting started, and in getting your online business up, running, and if you are following us exactly, you’ll be into profits)

We will start with getting you trained in posting links. This will be the links of offers of advertisers (Companies whose products and services we are sharing with new clients for them) to take and post for potential Clients.  While we use the word link, they are actually tracking urls that allow the Advertiser (through Agencies we call Affiliate Networks) to know and pay according to the agreed action.  There are a few ways this is done, and it is important to understand them.  The main terms for payment include:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action) which is typically a Cost (Commission) Per Sale, or when a Credit Card transaction has taken place.
  • CPL (Cost Per Lead) which his typically a Cost (Commission) Per Lead, or when a Prospect has completed an entry form in accordance with the Agreement for Payment as set forth by the Advertiser.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) which his typically Cost (Commission) Per Click, or when a Unique Visitor (Person) clicks on your Tracking Link. This is a guaranteed commission per click.  Though restricted to proven affiliates, look to be granted access to these upon proving your abilities to generate Actions, Leads and Sales to offers.

You will be setting up Accounts with Various Affiliate Programs.  This will get you set up to not only have access to the offers we will be teaching you how to post too; but it will establish your information with the Advertisers so you can get paid directly by them for payment.  Our Enrolled Students have the ability to get paid weekly, monthly and in some arrangements – DAILY.  This will all be covered in the training as you go through Steps 1 and 2 here.

Please go to “Posting Links” and start your training on how to post links of offers for products, services and advertising.  Here we will cover the basics, and make sure you have everything set up that you need to get started.

With the Basics out of the way, it is time to get set up with “1 on 1 Support”.  Here you will be making yourself familiar with Affiliate Programs, understanding how they work with us, and getting set for your direct payments to you for when you start earning money.  You will also be getting set up to be able to be assigned and working 1 on 1 with a Staff Member of rrr247.com.  This is where your Student Enrollment becomes amazing.

Please go to “1 on 1 Support” where you will continue your training on how to post links of offers for products, services and advertising. 

Here you will get set up and assigned to a Staff Member with rrr247.com to work with you 1-on-1 to build your Online Income with your Student Enrollment.

You should now have an understanding on how to work with Affiliate Programs, and are set up for direct payments to you.  You should be working with a Staff Member now as well, and they will be working with you at your pace to progress you into the Success available to our Students.  Now you are ready to get going with Blogging.  This is where your Student Enrollment and your ability to make a serious income are really ready to begin.  We will be working with you in a 1 on 1 basis to help ensure your success.  And because of the success this creates, Rory has personally guaranteed your success.*

Please go to “Why Performance Blogging” and learn how we create more and more actions through Performance Blogging Techniques to promote the Advertiser Offers as well as how we get paid per click.  Your Support Staff will be guiding you through this process completely.

RRR247 Student Area
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your Enrollment includes full access to Effective Ongoing Training and Individual Support. We offer the most in training and have created a thriving environment where you are going to be able to Thrive with us. Your benefits include:
  • 7 Days a Week Customer Service. We are here to get you going, and to continue with you. We have dedicated Staff Members standing by to help you get off to an amazing start. And
  • Weekly Conference Calls. On Tues and Wed nights, covering New and Up To Date Information and Additions to our Vast Marketing Methods, Results and access to the Latest Additions all the time.
  • Weekly “How To” Webinars. Thursday Nights, and Repeated on Saturday Mornings. Covering and explaining techniques and application of “How We Do It”.
This is not just “Some Training” that you have entered into. This is Effective Ongoing training. There are new things to learn and be a part of with us constantly. And we are looking forward to working with you! What we do not only is working, but it is growing. We value you as a Marketing Student with us, and are dedicated to providing you with the training, support and ongoing attention to help you learn, succeed and grow with us.

Tuesdays at 7pm MST/ 9pm EST


Should you need help along the way – Support Staff are always available for our Students 7 days a week at:

NORTH AMERICA: 1-877-843-6846 or 877-310-5353.

AUSTRALIA: 1800810796

Support is Available Monday Through Friday from 7am to 7pm Mountain Standard Time (MST)

Support is Available on Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 2pm Mountain Standard Time (MST)

RRR247 is where you’ll have solid access to support and training to help you succeed with us. Join in the thousands of success stories already underway and growing.

When it comes to building your online success, education is where we begin. Teaching you what actually works today. RRR247 is all about the correct way in which to post links, build ads, and to learn what works. Because we know and succeed in this every day; we only work with the right offers to create an income. If it works for us, it works for you.

Benefits of RRR247:

What you should expect from working with us.

  1. Each and every RRR247 Staff Member has been trained and is successful already. And in the very same methods of Online Marketing you will be trained on. You are literally learning from successful people teaching you and sharing with you items that work today.
  2. With the RRR247 Training Webinars and Calls; you will be hearing the latest in new offers, and methods for creating income that we all share in. Once you get with your Support Staff member (following the STEP 2 above); you will be given access to all of this.
  3. Get ready to open up your mind for Success. We realize that most of you have never had success online; or had your own business before. Because we understand this, we support you from getting started, growth, and through big Success. Furthermore; we get to take you step by step and teach you all you need to know and do.
  4. Built by success for success. As a result; you wil find your Training and Support here with RRR247 to be something you wish you had found 10 years ago!

This RRR247 Student Area is just the Beginning. Because we believe in 1 on 1 Support to get you going and understanding it all; we make sure you get that.