Why Performance Blogging

I realize that Link Posting, and the potential to make money online (in general) is new to most of you; I am here to assure you – this is a REALITY, and one that if you can follow my instructions here at rrr247.com and in working with the Instructors (that are amazing and completely here to help you) you can and will be able to make money online.

Now we teach you how to post links and ads, but we want you to succeed, and we want you to have guaranteed success.  This is why you need to get going with “Performance Blogging”.  And you want to get going as soon as you understand what and how to post an ad online is about.

Watch and learn why you should be “Performance Blogging” instead of just Posting Links

Watch how Performance Blogging works, and why it works:


When you are posting ads and sending the traffic to your Offer Page, that is on your Blogging Site you stand to make money from the following methods:

  1. From the offer itself.  Paid out by desired action from the Advertiser.  Sale, Lead, Click… whatever they are looking for and willing to pay out on.
  2. From the other offers located and available in your Categories and Searchable through your Blogging Site.
  3. From the Google AdSense Banners and Links (where Google is doing their best to give the viewer something they are interested to click on).  You get paid PER CLICK, and its dimes to dollars!

When you are just posting links, you only stand to make money based on the payout offered for the ad for the desired result.  Whether that be per sale, per click, per lead, etc.  It is one dimensional really, and those clicks and eyeballs can only make you money based on one thing happening.  As opposed to several opportunities for making you money with “Performance Blogging”.