Welcome. This is Rory, and I want to personally walk you through the process you are going through. Consider this a Help Guide to help you whenever you feel lost. This is where you should be.

  • You got Connected with a 1 on 1 Instructor
  • You have Activated your Performance Blogging System or PBS. This is a short 4 or 5 character Domain. This is your WEBSITE, Your URL, Your Domain, and as we call it, your Performance Blogging System or PBS (for short). This is the best employee you could ever have.
  • You have been through Session #1 with your Instructor. And should understand the power of Anchor Offers for gaining traffic and success with your “Success Team” as lead with your Instructor and their Support Team. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE. And you are following the homework given to you which is outlined in Episode-8.
  • You will be going to the “Do this Second” which is going to take you to Episode-9. This is a Step by Step information process to understand how the Circular Marketing and Components function and work together in your PBS.
  • This is going to explain some awesome truths to how all of this works. It will help you understand how the income streams are created. And you should have some “Lightbulb bursting into light of understanding” moments. This is REAL. And we have proven it for decades.
  • After you complete everything from TOP to BOTTOM in EPISODE-9 you will be going through Session 2 with your Instructor. Getting Set up with the Anchor Offer #2.
  • Then you will be set up with the Kiosk Offers with your Instructor.

You Should Have an Understanding of the Full Picture. Now it is Time to Build Out Your Pages within your PBS. Making you the Author.

  • Now you will continue through the rest of STEP 1. Setting up your Google Drive Backup Files for your PBS. Modifying your 2 Posts on your Home Page. Backing Up (no modifications needed) of Affiliate Disclosures. And Modifying (re-writing) and Backing Up your Contact Us Page.
  • Then Modifying your Anchor Offer #1 Offer Pages
  • Followed by Modifying your Anchor Offer #2 Offer Pages
  • Then Modifying your Anchor Offer #3 Offer Pages.
  • Then you will be set up with the Kiosk Offers with your Instructor. And continuing on with STEP 2 where you will be modifying the rest of your Offer Pages by Category.
  • Then you will go into Step 3, to modify your Category Pages.
  • Followed by Setting up Additional Pages, and adding more Content and Offer Pages from the growing Kiosk Offers and additional Pages around Keywords with the Anchor Offers.
  • Then adding the important Email Auto-Responder and Delivery System called Response Magic in Step 5.
  • Then its time to Post Ads (if you have not started already) driving traffic to your Anchor Pages as trained in Step 6.
  • Then it is Google AdSense time. If all is done correctly you will be getting approval and adding your Revenue Creating partnership with Google. This is the FIRST AWESOME MILESTONE that means you are set up to create income on traffic alone.
  • THEN IT IS GETTING YOU MORE AND MORE INVOLVED in the TEAM ASPECT of VMARKETING. And growing into Session 3 into full Motion.
  • Followed by Session 4 as you gain knowledge in all 10 Legs Of Marketing provided to you in this incredible online Community we call RRR247. This Help Guide is a reference of what you should be getting done. Keep on the path! You’ll learn so much. And get better and better. As a result; Practice makes progress after all.

This is an overview. In case you feel lost ever, refer to this Help-Guide to see where you should be. AND BE SURE to attend the training Zoom meetings; especially on Tuesday Nights! See RRR247WEBINARS.COM For the Schedule and Access Links.

Furthermore; this is REAL. And you are going to become incredible with the “Art of Performance Blogging” and gain in the ability to attract awesomeness and Over-Abundance.