Welcome Back 2023

Welcome Back 2023 is for any Lifetime Student that has been involved with RRR247 Prior to November 1, 2023.

  • We are beyond excited to share with you how things are “Winning” here with RRR247 today.
  • Furthermore; We are going to get you re-set up, to re-focus on the Awesomeness here as you re-commit to making your Dreams and Goals Realities with the Power of Marketing.
  • As A Result of our Pursuit of the Vision Needed for RRR247 we have Completed “Making it Easy so Anyone Can Do It” part of it all. Especially in the World We Live in Today. Direct-To-Consumer is the path. And we are doing it RIGHT.
  • $59 Activation / Re-Activation is WAIVED (through Midnight December 31st, 2023)

You will only need to Pay for the Hosting for the Initial 90 days and be on a 90 Day Renewal going forward. And at our Standard Rate of $38.95 every 90 days. Roughly $13 a month. This is being set as a Grandfathered Rate. And you will be locked in at this rate for the life of your Account.

Be in Contact with your Instructor. If you are unable to contact your Instructor, then call into the Main Office at 1-877-310-5353. Please let the Instructor that Answers know that you are getting re-started and need to get in touch with your Instructor. They will help to facilitate this.

Odds Are Your Instructor is the One Sending you to this Site to Follow and Get Going. Else if you are following an email from Rory, you can reply back to that email to get connected as well.

Click Here to Set Up Your Hosting

You should be able to email your Confirmation/Receipt. They will see that our CTO is notified to get your PBS up within the next 72 Hours.

Watch The Business Plan as Explained on https://rrr247.com/vip (This is going to explain how things are today with the PBS and RRR247). You will need a Password as Provided by your Instructor.

Access It From here: https://marketingisfreedom.com

COUPON CODE FOR $9.95 or FREE EBOOK: freedom
COUPON CODE FOR $19.95 for FREE AUDIOBOOK: 7goncalves (HURRY – this one is Limited Time)
  • This is to be done after you have Completed Reading/Listening to “Marketing Is Freedom”.
  • Plus This is structured knowledge on the Complete Processes and System that is here.
  • This is a 3 Hour Training Session and We Get to Building Business Together Starting from the Conclusion of Session-1.
  • This will then get you Set for Gaining Customers in our Direct To Consumer Processes. We literally get our Students going Immediately.
  • Session 1 will give you the Homework to Get To Session 2. Your Instructor Will Give You This. And then schedule your Session 2.

Everything is done through “Absolute Understanding” We have Completed the Vision to Gain New Students, Develop New Students, and to Create Instructors and Leadership to Pay This Forward to the Masses. And you are a Part Of It. This has only evolved to the Amazing Process and Full System that is required for all of the Awesomeness that is Here Now.

This is to be done after you have Completed all of the Homework Given to you by your Instructor. This is going to take you through the Understandings of how this All Truly Works and the Components Involved. The Business Costs and the Business’s Profit Points.

  • It Only Takes a Few Customers to Hit Break-Even on Overhead.
  • Then it Only Takes a Few More Customers to Create Positive Income.
  • And we Equip you to Gain a Few Customers (Realistically) Weekly.

Once you are through the Understanding of Session-2 it is into the PBS Building and Getting into Sessions 3 and 4 where you are Given Paid Marketing (Funded by Rory and Tanya) and the Training to Apply and Build to Incredible Levels with Us.

You will be set up with the Calendar of the Weekly Training Zooms. Your Team’s Study Halls (Where we Constantly Build out the PBS and Marketing of the PBS). And Access to the VMarketing Training and Support.

Creating the Habits and Patterns for Consistency within the Processes is Critical. Do what Rory Does, and Get what Rory Gets. We have it all here. And the patience, understanding and support to see that you can have it all.

Subject: Welcome Back to Your Dream Achiever Path with RRR247

First Name,

Rory Here. And I am having your Instructor and/or the Leadership GSI, PSI, MSI reach out to you. While we are seeing several of our Students coming back to get going; we want to share in what is happening here with RRR247.

  • Things Have Never Been as Easy as they Are Now. And we want to share it with you. Moving forward is the best solution. We are here to guide you through what we know is Perfection with building and
  • To Get Re-Activated During This Campaign, know that we are WAIVING any and all Re-Activation/Activation Fees Associated with your Performance Blogging System; (PBS).
  • You are Going to See the 7 Steps to Getting Re-Activated and into the Process we have to Create Customers in our Methods. THINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS EASY until now.

I have asked your Instructor Team to reach out to you to give you this Offer to get going with us. And to learn what it is today.

Faster Paced to Get Business Going and Success to Happen.

Incredible Support and Training that is Weekly to Allow Anyone to go at the Paces that they are Allowed.

Access to “Paid Marketing” fully funded by Tanya and Myself. We supply you with the Knowledge, Train You on the Know-How, and Fund the Capital Required to have Paid Marketing Solutions to Build Success Consistently.

You will be shown everything by your Instructor in a absolute Training Path. This is complete. We are built to create success for Millions of Households and Families around the Globe. Excited to have you back and going with us!


Rory and Tanya Ricord

Co-Founders of rrr247.com and the Performance Blogging System, DTC Ambassador, R.A.M. (Residual Affiliate Marketing), Brainfood Academy, and so many Components for our Proven Success for our Students, Instructors and Leadership.