Social Media Marketing

  • Getting Hits to our Links “Primes the Pump” for the Organic “Indexing” we are going for with Google and all Other Search Engines. We want validation on our Keywords and our Content.
  • The More Traffic We Create; The More We Make. In Google AdSense, and in Product and Services sales. EXPOSURE is EVERYTHING.
  • And we are Building for Exposure for Time and Time Again to Happen. We start with nothing, and add to it. In Days, Weeks, Months, Years we should be building the reach we have. And thus the Income Potential!

Yes there are several. Here are the Four I Focus On.

Here is my Personal One for Example: this is great to begin, sure. But it has a limitation of 5000 friends (MAX). Great to post on, but you want to be sharing personal items as well as the “Messages of Marketing”.

Here is my PAGE which is as an Entrepreneur: this is something you should set up. A PAGE as an Entrepreneur. This has no limitations on Connections. And this is best to lead in your Marketing and Shares with.

Here is my Personal One (My Only One). Some believe to build up multiple accounts. It is just one of the legs of Marketing I focus on. So one account is sufficient (for now). See Mine Here:

Here is my Personal One. Also my only. And it is connected from my Personal Facebook Account. Technically speaking you have Pinterest if you are on Facebook. See Mine:

Here is my Personal X Account. See It Here: And its a POST and SHARE process.

Now it is how these are used and set up. See the training, and attend the Tuesday, Saturday and Thursday Trainings. We are focused on MASSIVE Social Media Push for 2024 and beyond. We are perfecting things all the time.