Update 12/4/2022

There is so much going on and this is an Update of the most Critical of Recent Releases. Though with all that is happening with DTC Ambassador and our #1 Anchor that is Expanding; you need to attend the training or catch YouTUBE Replays. And it may feel hard to keep up. Take a deep breath, and just take it step by step, one at a time. To help keep everyone up to speed, we are updating things here. Be sure to attend the weekly PBS Student Update Calls on Tuesday Nights.

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On Saturday December 3rd, 2022; Rory Conducted a Full Walk Thru of the Business Structure and Plan for Building out and Creating Multiple Streams of Income with RRR247 and your PBS. This is not a Concept; this is a PROVEN System. Large Update.

“Do What Rory Does, and Get What Rory Gets!”

Here are the Corresponding Pages to Guide Along the Training. This is a literal walk-thru guided review of what we have in the Processes and System here with RRR247 and the PBS.

So as you WATCH and LEARN the Complete Business Plan and Overview; utilize the Images here. This is designed to work for those that have to apply “Part Time” efforts. With as little as 30 Minutes a Day even. Or a Couple of hours a week.

Because of the TEAM Aspect we help to Carry Each Other.

Get to where your Business Costs are Eliminated or Covered with Profits and More. This can take longer if you are applying less time. But consistency will get you there. When you complete your PBS with Google AdSense the huge MILESTONE is met. And this is all but there now. Doing the Marketing of SEO/CONTENT, LINK POSTING, SOCIAL MEDIA will get this going in time.

Then Applying and Utilizing your “PAID FOR YOU” Marketing that Tanya and Rory have made possible; you get to utilize the TEAM to Build the Leverage and “Actions” of payments!

Remember, we teach this in 3 ways.

  1. We teach Audibly. We talk.
  2. Then We Teach Visually. We Have Videos.
  3. We then Teach “Hands On”. We do it with you and together.

Summary You Need to Know:

This is a PROVEN SYSTEM to allow for Business Success. It has been created to allow ANY and ALL to Succeed.

All Businesses Have Costs. Even having a J-O-B has costs. It takes Money to Make Money. And we have created the “Lowest Cost” Business Ever. Overheads are small and remain small regardless of your “GOALS”. The NUMBER ONE Reason for Business Failure is already taken care of for you.

It only takes a few Customers to cover Overhead. And getting the processes in place to add 2 to 3 Customers a month, a week, a day allow this to Scale. You are not alone – we build in TEAMS!

Skillsets are Required to Succeed. We teach you the necessary Skillsets. You will “SUCK” at first. We all do. Then you’ll go from SUCK to GOOD to GREAT. Becoming a Better Business Person, a Better Trainer (Paying Back to Others), and a Better Leader and Community Member.

Because Tanya and Rory have Created the “PAID MARKETING that is NON-STOP and HUGE; you just need to “RECEIVE IT” and “RUN WITH IT”!

Getting Started is the Absolute Hardest Part. You are thrown into a series of Processes. There are specifics that need to be done. Accounts and Links to Set Up.

Your PBS is your OFFICE. Your VIRTUAL, Open All The Time, Location of Business. Even with it being Virtual, it needs to be built up. Customized to you.

We Are Marketers! And we need to represent the Right Products that Attract and Bring in the Consumers, the Clients, The Customers, “The Eyeballs” even. So we need to utilize the “Legs of Marketing” to make this happen. Proven Processes.

This is an Incredible Utopian Based Community. It relies on all of us “Paying It Forward” in all things we do. In helping to set up, to Market (In literally all of the 10 Legs of Marketing we are Blessed with – with more coming in all the time). The More We Help Others to get “Launched”, and to learn the Processes of the System, the BETTER we all do.

Break It Down:

$360 Monthly Business Over-Head with “ALL IN”! If you do not understand how “AWESOME” this is. Let’s put this into perspective. Your Over-Head is $360 doing “What Rory Does” and you are able to make an Income any and every day. The Income over the Overhead is Profits. And you get to focus on building more and more without having an Increase in your Business Over-Head Costs!

Incomes are Based Upon your use of your PBS, the Processes and “The SYSTEM we have with RRR247”. The more you follow the Processes and Build in the exact way “Rory Does and Teaches and Duplicates with the RRR247 Leadership” the More you Can Make. You can make a little, you can make a lot. There is nothing but Opportunity here. We have Millionaires from this System Teaching those that “WANT IT” to be Millionaires as well. And we have all other levels. Though the more you have in Over-Abundance the more GOOD you can be part of in this World.

Want to see some Awesome Points?

  • Firstly; This Entire RRR247 Community, The PBS and the Marketing That Feeds it all was created by “Absolute Experts”. Decades of Experience. All put together in a 100% Duplicatable System. “Do What Rory Does and Get What Rory Gets!”
  • Secondly; We are surrounded by additional Experts. Additional Multi-Millionaires and even Billionaires to come and Share Knowledge and Wisdom with our RRR247 Community.
  • Thirdly; On Tuesday Nights we Constantly Drip on “Millionaire and Success Mindsets”. We are here to make a Difference in the World. Helping tens of Millions with our Processes and System to create Solid Family Economies.
  • Fourthly; We have the Vision. The Plan. And the Support to help all “That Show Up for Their Own Success With Us” to accomplish incredible things.
  • Fifthly; All of this is possible because of the “Law of Marketing”. And even though what we have here is UNLIKE anything done before it; we constantly have to “Market”, Educate and Share it with others non-stop. We are making a huge difference, one person and one family at a time.

Show Up to Win. Refuse to Quit. Find and Build your “WHY’S” so you can push to change your Patterns and Habits. Claim the Over-Abundance of Time and Financial Freedom with US!

  • Because the only way to Fail here is to QUIT. You show up, we show up. And we literally give you all the Resources and training on using the Resources to Win!
  • There is always issues and struggles. As A Result; you need to establish your ‘WHY” or “WHYs” so you have that REASON to push ahead even when it seems hard to do so.
  • RRR: Learn how to Reset, Refocus, and Recommit to keep on TRACK with your Patterns to Achieve your Goals. This will establish a Patter that drives you to WIN.
  • It is all about CONSISTENCY in pushing towards doing the Processes that Allow the Vehicle of your PBS and RRR247 Support to get you to your GOALS and Deserved “Over-Abundance!” We Got This. We do this together. It is about the RRR247 Community Rising all together.

See an Incredible Training with Special Guest AVP. We have Success Training us for Success all the time. This is Priceless:

Proud to be on this Journey with you!