Session 2

Welcome to the Training for Session 2. We now get to educate you on the awesome power of Email, SMS and “Ascension Marketing”. As well as how the Money Works!

Understanding what Creates the Success with RRR247 and your PBS. This section is the 2nd Session Education Needed to get you Going. You should be on as Instructed by your Instructor. Here in Session 2 we are going to Cover even more on the Marketing Methods used to Succeed with your Performance Blogging System and your Support Community, Training and Ongoing Business Building with RRR247.

  • RRR247 is the Community. Co-Founded by Rory and Tanya Ricord to Establish and Support the Vision.
  • The Vision is Taking This Incredible Solution that Is Set Up to Work for Everyone that “Does the Work” to Millions of Families Around the World.
  • We are a Pay It Forward Community. With an Utopian Process in place to help raise up all. And we are all about Growth and Becoming the Best Person and Best Community we Can Be.

The Performance Blogging System is the Core Structure to House the Very Products and Services we are Marketing. It is our Marketing House.

These are the same proven Products and Services that work for Rory. Do what Rory does, get what Rory gets. If it works for him, it will work for you. Your Instructor should have already walked you through Session 1. And you should have watched the Bio-Hacking Presentation for our #1 Anchor Offer “Velovita®“. This is a powerful part of our Team Income Building.

As with the Shopping Mall Premise of Marketing, we have a Minimum of Two Anchor Offers. And the way they Work has been Incredible. We are going to go into a Complete Overview of the Anchor Offers. And how they Work to not only Create the Necessary Traffic to our PBS but they also create some of our Largest Income Streams. And Today, we have Three Anchor Offers!

We have it better than the Shopping Malls Even. In the Shopping Mall Premise of Marketing, the Anchor Stores bring in Mainly Marketing Prowess. The Revenues are Generated through the Kiosk Stores. With our PBS Process we not only gain in Marketing Prowess but our Anchors are also our Largest Income Streams. It is Awesome. And just Wait till you see it broken down here in Session 2.


Simply put. It doesn’t Matter How they get in. Once they are in the Marketing House of the PBS they can Navigate and “Discover” New Finds. They, the Individual “Can Find Something” and follow the Marketing to Sales Process. When Marketing is Done Properly, Sales Become Order Taking.

We Utilize the Relevance and High Interest of “Anchor Offers” to attract and bring in Traffic into our PBS. Our Marketing House. This is how we generate interest and traffic into your PBS. We utilize Five Initial Legs of Marketing to Do So.
  1. SEO / Content Marketing: This is created through the writing and creation of Offer Pages. These are Third Party Endorsements and Information Pages about the Specific Product or Service. Written in the manner that Rory has figured out. This is done to allow for Organic Search Traffic to be created through Google and the Search Community.
  2. Link Posting: Rory has been at the Top of the Link Posting Solutions since 1997. This is where we PRIME THE PUMPS for connecting to the SEO/Content Marketing Solutions. It is also where we gain traffic from various Classifieds and Information Relationship Sites and Processes all Over the Web.
  3. Social Media Marketing: This is a Growing Area and one that is Absolutely Changing all the Time. We utilize the power of “ALL OF US” in Consensus Marketing. Utilizing the vast Numbers of the RRR247 Marketing Community in ways that Drive Interest and Traffic to our PBS.
  4. Email Marketing. Utilizing our PBS Vortex we are constantly doing multiple things to create our own Email Lists. This is where our “Online Community Members” are added to our PBS Vortex for ongoing “Ascension Marketing” via Email. It is very effective still today. And more and more becoming a vital communication medium for ongoing relationships with our Online Community Members.
  5. SMS/TEXT Marketing. Utilizing our PBS Vortex we are constantly doing multiple things to create our own Email Lists and SMS/TEXT Lists. This is where our “Online Community Members” are added to our PBS Vortex for ongoing “Ascension Marketing” via SMS/TEXT in addition to Email. It is very effective still today. And more and more becoming a vital communication medium for ongoing relationships with our Online Community Members. This is even more effective when combined with the Email Communications.
Plus These Additional Marketing Methods in Full Effect:
  • Direct Marketing
  • Ascension Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • “Coca-Cola” Marketing. With Consensus Marketing and “RRR247 Marketing Family”.
  • Referral and “Art of Performance Blogging” 3rd Party Endorsing Marketing.
The Anchor Offers are Perfect for Focusing on as we work on those Three Legs of Marketing and all the other Marketing Methods.
  • We add in Kiosk Offers to Generate and Create addition “Actions” that pay us. The more Actions, the More we Make. And it is not just about the Action you Personally Are Creating with your PBS. But it is also about the Actions created by your Teams.
  • Creative Content and the Training to Deploy and Gain from the Use of it is in Constant Training. We train and show how to do this Constantly throughout the Weekly Training
  • Once you Get Your PBS up and going and with Google AdSense you will be Ready for even More. This is a Patient Process. And Proven. Just Follow the System. And as you learn, and grow there is always more ways to Take your PBS and your RRR247 Business Model to the Next Level.
  • We have an Exclusive Way in which we Work and Build with our Students. By following the System we have provided ways for your Instructor to “Pay It Forward” with their Marketing Efforts to Be Building your Income Streams with you. From the GET GO. Allowing the Business Aspects to be Building while you are setting up your PBS and getting trained. This allows us to establish Customers and the sales of Products and Services to these Customers to which you are able to benefit from. We will break it down for you.
  • We are able to “Pay It Forward” so that when you are trained and ready to go into Action, you can have a Business with a Foundation already being build and with Marketing Underway. This allows more to succeed. We do this in a Team, as a Team and in ways that allow “Life to Happen” but for our Dreams, Goals and Business Growth to continue through the power of the Teamwork.

Again; Do what Rory Does, and Get What Rory Gets.

Anchor #1 Velovita®:

You Should have already Taken a Position in Velovita® with your Instructor. By setting up as a “Promoter”, “Influencer” or as we Suggest “Ambassador” you are in position to have the Team and ‘Systems’ within the entire RRR247 Processes to be able to be building “Shared Customers and Sales Volumes”. Timing is Everything. The Team is able to “Pay It Forward” with Customers and Customers Sales as well as “Members” to build the Sales Volumes and Commissions.

Anchor #2 PBS Vortex:

This is our home for our Marketing Systems for Email, SMS/TEXT as well as for adding Incredible “Direct To Consumer” Products and Services. This is Exclusive to RRR247:

  • PBS Vortex: We have made this a part of the Circular Process for Income Creation. The PBS Vortex itself is necessary for maximizing earning potential. And it is an entire “C0mmunity Income Sharing” Program as well.
  • Brainfood Academy: We are solving Education. With our K thru 12 programs and Ongoing Additions in Education. Through our Online School Process. This is Homeschooling with Incredible Teachers. We have a way to pay teachers’ their Worth. Teachers can make incredible incomes as they hone in on the future.
  • Kiosk Offers” Programs: We have our Residual Affiliate Marketing program. R.A.M. This is where we house our offers for products and services that fill in our PBS throughout our Categories.
  • Special Product Offerings and More. All to be tracked and paid out through our exclusive TIER Commission Program.

Anchor #3. SavingsHighwayGlobal.

And it brings us Several Key Services to Market to the Masses. It is Global in Reach and Crosses over as Anchor and Kiosk in ways that Make our Expansion of SEO/CONTENT Marketing a Literally Forever Thing. Minimum GOLD Membership to be in the program.

We Utilize the Relevance and High Interest of “Anchor Offers” to attract and bring in Traffic into our PBS. Our Marketing House. This is how we generate interest and traffic into your PBS. We utilize Five Initial Legs of Marketing to Do So.

And then we add in “Paid Marketing”. This is Doing What Rory Does to an Exact Duplication. With the Success of this Program Rory and Tanya have added Philanthropy of Supporting the RRR247 Family Members – PARTNERS IN SUCCESS. With Proven Marketing to “Market the RRR247 Community with the power of the Performance Blogging System” to all that are looking to Build a Legacy Business that is designed for the Future.
Rory has Created Success because of Everything You are Learning and Being Able to Apply Here. The only difference between you and Rory is that Rory doesn’t have anyone Paying for his Marketing! YOU DO!

Three Methods of Creating Income with RRR247 and your Performance Blogging System (PBS).

You will see that Rory creates everything in the Three Legged Marketing approach as a Minimum. Success is Guaranteed because of it.

NOTE: Though with the PBS Vortex we jump into even more potential with a Five Legged Marketing Approach.

METHOD 1: Your Personal Efforts in Building your PBS Business:

We are not paid by the hour. We are not trading time for dollars. We are getting paid on Actions. And we utilize the Teaching of Rory along with the Power of the PBS and the Internet to Create Actions. We also use Teamwork and Corporate Structure to leverage and gain on the Actions created by the Team. The more Actions, the more we are creating in Income.

This is done through the Five Initial Legs of Marketing with your PBS. This allows you to create income through Google AdSense and the Sales of Products and Services through the Traffic Coming into your PBS. Utilizing the “Art of Performance Blogging” and the effective use of “Marketing Done Properly” we gain Customers, Sales and Actions that Create Income. Almost ALL of our Programs Pay Us on every sale from the Customer for the Life of the Customer.

  • SEO / Content Marketing
  • Link Posting
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS/Text Marketing

Following the System of Building Your PBS in the Manner Rory Teaches, you are able to generate and bring in Traffic. These “Eyes” of Consumers are where the “Actions” that we get paid on are created from. From “PPC or Pay Per Click” from Google AdWords to the Creation of Leads or Sales.

We earn from our Efforts and through the Access to Actions being able to be Created 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And the more we apply the Three Legs of Marketing the more Success we can Create Individually. Content Marketing is Powerful. And as traffic is created through all our Legs of Marketing; we are constantly creating exposure to more and more Success. More Actions.

Each PBS Business is Developed to Create and Build Business Solely. Stand Alone. Focusing on the Anchor Offers we Drive in Traffic. The Traffic is exposed to Anchors, Articles and Information as well as Kiosk Offers. This is where the Categories and Navigation through the various Offers Comes into the Structure and Circular Motion. This is all looking at the Individual Business Aspects of the PBS. Here is a visual of the layers we are focused on within our PBS Business:

METHOD 2: VMarketing to Build Teams and Leverage within the Teams:

Working with your Instructor and Instructor Team that Includes Leadership that are Veterans in the RRR247 Processes and System. They are duplicating the Proven Path of Rory. Remember Do What Rory Does, Get What Rory Gets! Including Team Building. This is where we all win because of the Structure of our Businesses.

  • Velovita®: Binary Process. We build a Left Team and Right Team. Building and sharing the Customer Volumes with our Teams.
  • PBS Vortex: This is an exclusive Three-Tiered Commission Structure. And this is an important “Now” and “Ongoing” Solution for our Students and Instructors to Create Cash-Flow and Leverage to allow Success and the ability to do this Part Time, Full Time and More. Includes the PBS Vortex as you Grow your Team, Brainfood Ambassador and R.A.M. (Residual Affiliate Marketing) for our Kiosk Offers.
  • SAVINGSHIGHWAYGLOBAL (SHG): This is a 10 Level Enroller Bonus for Initial Customers. Then it is an ongoing Residual Compensation plan that is a 3×12 Forced Matrix.

PBS Vortex: This is our RRR247 Internal Program for SMS/TEXT and Email Marketing as well as where we Market and Track the Brainfood Academy (K-12 Online School Program) and our R.A.M. (Residual Affiliate Marketing) Programs.


SavingsHighwayGlobal (SHG): This is a Dynamic Commission Process. Allowing us to SHARE and PAY IT FORWARD in a 3×12 Forced Matrix as well as a 10 Level Leadership Share. Basically this propels and shares volumes with the teams. And allows us so many ways to create Savings (A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned). This has helped many of our Students to Save Enough to Cover Initial Overheads for the Business Success Here. And we have Medical Benefits and More with This. Such a Win for our Members.

Then we Get to Share the Power of the PBS to our Team Members. And Leverage from their Success. And these Team Members are added through the VMarketing as Paid and Provided by Rory and Tanya Ricord. Success by all. Individually and Teams.

METHOD 3: Leadership Development. Done Right you Become 100% Replaceable in your Business:

The Very RRR247 Structure you are Part of was Created to make you 100% REPLACEABLE. This is the true form of Time and Financial Freedom.

And when Leadership is Developed more and more BONUSES are Available to you.

Leadership Bonuses:

Additional Pay Built Into the Compensation for Leadership Levels Attained. In almost every program we have these built in. It rewards us for building Stability in the Duplication of Success in others.

Recognition and Further Leadership Training Access:
  • Incredible Award Trips: And we go to Incredible and Beautiful Places. These are AWESOME.
  • Leadership Access to “Be In The Know”. Advantages. And you get to be surrounded by more and more Success. Success Creates More Success.
  • Recognition and Awards: This is fun, and rewarding. Peer Recognition and Accolades are great. And we are loving the ways we get these.

This is where we are not only building and “Paying It Forward” with other Team Members in Building Their PBS. We get to build Teams of PBS Businesses. And because of the leverage and shared Business Profits we all win together.


This is a Summary of the Business Model as it Reflects in Costs, Benefits and Profitability. Based on DOING what RORY DOES, to get WHAT RORY GETS the following Costs are part of your business. And they come with Benefits. It is a double win, if not triple win. There are Upfront costs with Velovita®, PBS Vortex and SavingsHighwayGlobal. Below we cover the Monthly Ongoing Overheads and Profits.

NOTE: These Upfront Set Up Costs are also write-offs. Because they are required we are able to Write them off. This is very important. Also, it will get you set with personal experience and knowledge. Your Instructor will cover things as needed.

Monthly Overhead Costs for Your Business Itemized in ORANGE below:
  • Velovita® Monthly Overhead. This is $100 for just 1 Box of “Snaps”. Rory and Tanya take all 5 every day. Rory has 2 to 6 bran daily. Utilizing 1 Box is extremely worthwhile and Awesome. And as your Business Grows you can always add more to your Own Use. These are products that help everyone. There is something for us all here. NOTE: With as few as 3 Customers / New Members / New Customers ordering per Month your Velovita® Overhead is virtually Eliminated making Profits Immediate.
  • PBS Vortex. This is $59.95 a month for this is our Incredible Email and SMS Marketing System. This allows us to maximize earnings from proven methods to be added to our PBS. In addition this allows even more access to Marketing with the VMarketing and Paid Marketing from Rory and Tanya Ricord.
  • SavingsHighwayGlobal Monthly Overhead. This is starting out at $20. NOTE: With as few as 4 Customers / New Members / New Customers ordering per Month your SavingsHighwayGlobal Overhead is virtually Eliminated making Profits Immediate.

This is adding in Costs that you will want to add once you are in full Motion with your PBS and the various Marketing Methods and “Legs Of Marketing” you will be able to utilize. Memes, and the Advanced SMS Marketing will be explained as you continue with your Instructor in Session 2 and Session 3.

In Addition to all the of the Legs of Marketing built into your PBS Business and Trained and Supported by the RRR247 Marketing Family. We have VMarketing and “Paid Marketing” that we will be getting you into. As you are getting your PBS set up with Page Modifications (Making you the Author). We get you into Session #3. This is VMarketing. And this is where you gain access to “ALL YOU CAN EAT” and “PAID FOR YOU – PAID MARKETING”. No ONE has this but us here with RRR247.

You Cover your Costs with the Business Model that is Proven with Anchor Offers and Kiosk Offers and Content. This comes with Awesome Benefits and High Quality Products we are taking to the Vast Online Consumer Base. And while there are automation tools and ways to work the Paid Marketing that could arise and change as we find better tools and methods. The actual Marketing Costs of the Paid Marketing are Fully Paid for by Rory and Tanya. And this is for you, and all the RRR247 PBS Business Partners that you are Connected too. Let that Sink In.

The #1 Reason a Business Fails is not the Product or Service they are Providing. It is Marketing. And it is one, two or all of these reasons or combination of:

  • Lack of Marketing Funds: No Business can be built with Family and Friends. Can you name any Business that is Successful on Family and Friends? Even McDonald’s HAS TO Spend $Millions in Marketing a Day to maintain and build Market Share. “Law of Marketing” Is Real.
  • Lack of Marketing Understanding: The very Marketing Training provided in Rory’s Book Marketing Is Freedom and the continued Training here with RRR247 covers this over and over. Marketing is not something that happens instantly. It is something that Ascends and is necessary to be Repeated, Exposed, and Saturated. It is a Patient Process. And it takes sustainable Marketing Capital to maintain. And even more if you want to Grow.
  • Lack of Grit: Marketing is the absolute bi-product of “The Patient Process”.
  • Lack of Understanding about the Legs Of Marketing. Marketing is not a One Way Wins Process ever. Rory teaches and is an Expert in the Three Legs of Marketing as a Minimum for creating Success in Marketing.
  • Lack of Knowledge in what Proper Marketing Is. “When Marketing is Done Properly, Sales Become Order Taking”. The true understanding and knowledge to create “Proper Marketing” sets a novice and an Expert apart in a drastic measurement. We have Proven “Proper Marketing” throughout and constantly. And when Marketing Online; this is an Absolute Must.

To Market in the Competitive Online Marketplace; regardless of the Numbers of Consumers is all about Marketing Resources. We understand this at an Extreme Level.

Again: You Cover your Business Overheads, Less the Paid Marketing. And Rory and Tanya Will Partner with you. Provide you all the “Paid Marketing” you and your Teams can Use. We are in this with you at the highest levels possible. RECEIVE IT and “Lets’ Get to Work!”.

And we have the Expertise to Understand the Path to Success with Marketing. You will start out sluggish, or even “SUCK” as you get started. There are key skill sets you will need to develop. It will take GRIT and TRUST as you work with your Instructor. Your Instructor started with “SUCK” too. And as you progress, so do the results. Stay the Course. We already committed to staying the course right beside you. In fact we already know 100% this works. Rory and Tanya are FUNDING you from SUCK to GOOD, to BETTER, to EVEN BETTER, to GREAT, to MASTERFUL! And we are so excited to watch you do it. LETS’ GO!

Monthly Income Streams Example as you Get Into Action and Gaining Results with Method 1 Above with Personal Production and Results:

There are so many Variables. And results are up to the efforts you put into building your RRR247 PBS Business. Please Refer to and See Disclaimer at the Bottom of this Page.

Monthly Income Streams Example as you Get Into Action and Gaining Results with Method 1 and Method 2 Above with Personal Production and Building Teams and Results:

There are so many Variables. And results are up to the efforts you put into building your RRR247 PBS Business. Please Refer to and See Disclaimer at the Bottom of this Page.

Monthly Income Streams Example as you Get Into Action and Gaining Results with Method 1, Method 2 and Method 3 Above with Personal Production and Building Teams and with Team Building Success and Results:

There are so many Variables. And results are up to the efforts you put into building your RRR247 PBS Business. Please Refer to and See Disclaimer at the Bottom of this Page.

We invest in you. Because we make money when you make money. That is the exact same situation for your Instructor, their Instructor, and their GSI, Their PSI, Their MSI and The RRR247 Community and Structure. We are all in this to WIN IT together. And from the Co-Founders of RRR247, Rory and Tanya Ricord to all of us. “Receive It” And Make the Most of it. For you, For your Family, For the Community.

Now You Will Be Getting with your Instructor and Completing your Set-Up for our #2 Anchor Offer, the PBS Vortex. And everything that is connected to you with this. Including the Kiosk Offers, Brainfood Academy, and full access to utilize the VMarketing that will be made available to you in Session 3 and Session 4.

We Got You. We Got This. And Keep Showing Up so we Keep Showing Up. Together WE SO, GOT THIS!

  • Now be sure to get with your Instructor to Keep Moving Along getting things Set Up. From here it is all about:
  • Getting Connected with the Anchors and the Kiosks.
  • Following STEP 1 you will be Modifying the Anchor Offer Pages
  • Then you be moving to Step 2 will be modifying the Kiosk Pages going from the Top “Arts and Entertainment” and down through Travel.
  • And then into Step 3 and onward as we complete your PBS and get into the Three Legs of Marketing.
  • In conjunction with getting your PBS set up with Google AdSense and you learning “The Art of Performance Blogging” you will be introduced and trained on VMarketing. Where you can “Receive” the Philanthropy from Rory and Tanya Ricord in having your Marketing Fully Funded. You just need to do the Work.

DISCLAIMER: Any and all Examples of Income Earnings are purely for Entertainment Only. No Guarantees of Income are Represented. Results will vary and are based upon your personal efforts and the efforts of those you personally bring in and work with. The only Guarantee is that Rory and Tanya are Paying for the Marketing. And that all Programs proven by Rory through the methods he is sharing with you have been proven to levels of Success Satisfactory for Rory and Tanya to back up with their Resources and Philanthropy in Supporting you as a Partner in Success with the RRR247 Community.