Session 1

Welcome to Session 1. From here it is all about getting your Performance Blogging System (PBS) and RRR247 Businesses Set Up and Going.

As Instructed by your Instructor be in a Quiet Place to Fully Take in the Session 1 Training by Rory:

You will now be walked through accessing the Dashboard to your Performance Blogging System (PBS). By your Instructor.

  • Then you will be walked through your Navigation and User Experience of your PBS. This will begin with the email sent you by your Instructor with the Subject Line of “PBS #1 Welcome to your System”.
  • Followed by seeing the Anchor Offer #1 First Hand. This is where the “Marketing Done Properly makes Sales Order Taking” is shown to you.
  • After which set up of your PBS Begins. Getting you established with Anchor Offer #1. And put into a place where Marketing already in Motion is able to be Shared with you Directly. Allowing us to build upwards of 50% of your Businesses with us.
  • Followed by your Instructor giving you Access to the Homework to get into Session 2. Access to our Weekly PBS Student Training on Zooms every Tuesday Nights. Access to our Training on Wednesday Nights, and getting you set up with an Appointment for Session 2.