Response Magic Message Templates

Welcome to the Response Magic Message Templates.  This is some suggestions and ideas for what you add to your Response Magic Email System for your Subscribers with your E-Newsletter from your PBS.

ACTION: You need to use this link. All of the training and the MESSAGES created are located here in GOOGLE DOCS. THIS LINK will give you access to it all. You will see all sorts of other “Goodies” in this link for posting ads and more. And as updated Response Magic emails are created by Rory, you’ll see them here as well.

If you do not have a Response Magic Account, GO HERE AND SET UP YOUR FREE ACCOUNT – If you have any issues with doing this, please go back to RRR Performance Blogging Training and Re-Set, Re-Focus, Re-Commit, or VIP Training and review this under the Response Magic Training Step.

We love how this works. And it is perfectly affordable. Free for first 100 Subscribers, then a small fee to grow and build it. Because of this, we really like this as opposed to the other Email

Once you are Logged in, Start Here:

Firstly; Response Magic Training Part 1:

Secondly; Response Magic Training Part 2:

Thirdly; Response Magic Training Part 3:

You will want to create messages to be added to the autoresponder sequence as they make sense. Feature your Food and Wine Pairings as you release them. Inviting them to the Wine and Dine. As well as to share anything new and exciting that we add along the way.

Firstly; This is your Email Platform. You can modify it how you wish and how you see fit. Be sure to get it set up with the items above as a minimum to get started. So you have something there. We will be adding and training on this steadily.

Secondly; because this is not connected with Google AdSense, you can copy Rory’s Email Messages. No need to alter them other than for your specific information.

Thirdly; this is something you can get set up with these initial messages, and add to them monthly, or as we add cool new things. Be sure to attend the Tuesday Night PBS Student Training Zooms.

Response Magic Message Templates again can be found here!

This will be the easiest way to copy and paste them into your own Response Magic Account.