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Modifying /wine-magic 

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Now to see it done another way. Modifying your Velovita Pages. PART 1:

Modifying your Velovita Pages. PART 2:

Building the Paid To Chat Page:

Shold-It: This is a CashNetwork Direct Offer: Get your link for this in your CashNetwork Direct Dashboard. (THIS is an offer page you need to build and add). When you get your initial page build and added to your PBS (complete with your tracking link), we suggest ordering one for you, or your female friend, so you can get a personal opinion.

RRR247 MEMBER EXAMPLES: — https:/ — https:/ — — https:/ — — https:/

THE SUB-MENU ITEMS RELATED TO OUR #1 ANCHOR OFFER) Mmmly – The Healthy Cookie: (This is added as of 8.24.2021). The tracking link is located within CashNetwork Direct. We see this as an incredible add for the Food Category. It is also a Health and Fitness addition. Be sure to cross market our Velovita Products.