When it comes to the System here with RRR247 VMarketing is the way we create huge incomes together. This is Perfection. Here is the 3 Steps you need to go through in order to be a part of the VMarketing and your Success here with us as an Instructor and Team Member!

Step 1. Here is what you need and need to know for you to get going with VMarketing:

  • You should have a GMAIL Email Account for your RRR247 Business. We utilize the GOOGLE Suite of Services very well. You will need this for sending Templated Emails and for use with Google Docs.
  • You should be set up with access to RRR247CRM.com. This is the CRM for all of RRR247. And you will be added to this once you are an Instructor In Training (IIT).
  • Your Instructor or Your GSI, PSI or MSI should have you set up with your Own GOOGLE DOCS FOLDER. Your Full Name VMarketing. Example “John Young VMarketing” with copies of the Documents Located Here:
  • After you have been set up with the ITEMS above and your CONFIDENTIALITY, NON-CIRCUMVENTION AND NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT is Signed By you and Rory; You will have Instructor Access to the Paid Marketing and Student Leads for you to Build your Teams with. These are Students that have Become “Lifetime Members of the training with Rory through rrr247.com. However, they have yet to be walked through our “BRT” Process and Shown the Keystone Video about the Performance Blogging System (PBS). And onward.
  • You Should be Set up as an Instructor and as a Staff Member into the RRR247CRM.com CRM System. CRM or Customer Relationship Management. This is where you will have full access to the Paid Marketing and all the bells and whistles behind the technology we use to build our RRR247 Businesses!
Then it is About Setting Up Your Text Messaging and Emails To Use in VMarketing and “The Flow”:
  • You Need to Set-Up your Text Messaging / Calling Systems. This is in your PBS Vortex. You will have access to training on using this with your Instructor. As well as through the Instructor Trainings Monday thru Friday and Saturdays.
  • You Need to Set Up your Templates in your GMAIL Account. See rrr247.com/THE-FLOW here for the details. This will give you all the Emails to follow the VMarketing System and “The Flow” as you progress the SD /101 Students from Contact to Education to Duplication. These are the exact Emails used to make this a “Conveyor Belt of Success”. Enjoy.

Step 2. What Happens Now! Education and Study Time:

Now its time for you to learn how to utilize Trello.com and the text messaging services to begin the process. Here is what you need to study:

First Begin with your GOOGLE DOCS:
  • SMS MESSAGES AND EMAILS AS SPECIALIST. 3.5.2023: This is the Template you will be using to do the SMS/TEXT Messaging to contact and get into the BRT with the SD and 101 Student Leads.
  • VIP BRT SCRIPT (STANDARD and VIP) 3.23.2023: This is something you want to READ over and over and over again. When you begin with the SD and 101 Student Leads, this is the Script you will be using to do the BRT Process.
  • VMarketing Flow Chart. RORY 5.15.2023: This is to show you the “FLOW” of the process goes from Student Lead to PBS Student and into Instructor and beyond. The Visual is Helpful, and shows the Plan!
Second Continue with the Following Key Items to Learn and Study:
  • Set-Up your Email Templates for Sending the Correct Information to your Students from the BRT process through getting them into Session 3. Located rrr247.com/the-flow (Be Sure to Modify the Links and Your Name and Info Accordingly).
  • Attend the Monday Thru Friday LIVE BRT Training. These are available for anyone to hear others in the RRR247 Marketing Family doing VMarketing and BRTs. These are from ZOOM ROOM: Meeting ID: 297 178 102 / From 8am PST / 9 am MST / 10am CST / 11am EST till 4pm PST / 5pm MST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST.

Step 3. Get Going!

As soon as you think or believe you are ready, get going. This is a completely new thing for most everyone entering this RRR247 World of Marketing. And while this is super effective, we all start at the beginning and grow into Experts. This is the way we build empires together.

If you have the PBS Vortex, you have the SMS/CALL System in place in your RRR247CRM.COM/ADMIN account:

With your PBS Vortex Subscription; You have the added SMS/CALL System that allows you to do the VMarketing. This is for sending the SMS, and to CALL from your Assigned Number.

Attend the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Trainings so you are fully brought up to speed on all the things!


Additional Tools. As have been useful in troubleshooting things:

You Need to have copies of the EBOOK for Marketing Is Freedom. Along with a .jpeg of the Book Cover. Book Cover is Used for sending the TEXTS. Your Instructor should be Providing you with Both if you do not have them. The Image is Located on this page. COPY and PASTE It where you can access it.

While Rory Always Attaches the Ebook. Some have issues, or are in limited Internet Speeds that make this hard. If you want to utilize a short url for sending the email of the EBOOK, you can use this: Here is a LINK to Marketing Is Freedom. This replaces uploading it as well. So if you are in a remote location, and need to add the Ebook. Use this Link: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgBXvUGaPKiMoB35VEHRNsbe7X-b?e=TTCyOR