Terms and Conditions for the PBS Vortex

These are the TERMS AND CONDITIONS for your PBS Vortex Service. These are the Terms and Conditions for the Service and have been updated as of April 20th 2024.

The PBS Vortex is a non-refundable activation for $139.00 and then $59.95 Monthly commencing 30 days from the Activation Date of the Service. Terms of Service are for a Commitment of 12 Months. At which time the Services are to remain paid monthly, but a new 12 Month Agreement will commence upon the 12 month anniversary date of the initial Set-Up.

The PBS Vortex is connected to the RRR247CRM and will remain an active Business Tool for as long as the Monthly Service Fee(s) are Paid and Kept Up to Date.

Services include Subscription Capture and Ongoing Messaging and Promotions in accordance with the PBS Marketed Products and Services. SMS, Call and Email services to properly communicate between your Web Services and the Online Community Member within the PBS Vortex.

Should the Service Payment Be Cancelled or Terminated all Leads and Services Associated with your PBS Vortex are Cancelled and all Data is to be Removed from the PBS Vortex Account accordingly. Any and all future marketing success from the Leads within the Cancelled PBS Vortex account are forever forfeited with the Cancelled or Terminated Account.


You must contact the Support through your Instructor or 1-877-310-5353 Support Number. Cancellation needs to be done prior to 30 Days of the 12 Month Agreement being Renewed. For instance if the Set up was done on Jan 1, 2025, cancellation can be done prior to December 1, 2025 and would be set for cancellation at the 12 Month Anniversary.

Termination is subject to Regulation within SMS, Email, and Calls being conducted outside of the Business Manner to which the PBS Vortex is operating under. Violations that are subject to Fines from Carriers. Carriers is defined as the Enterprise Services that are utilized for the PBS Vortex services.


In accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The PBS Vortex is a monthly billed subscription on a 12 Month Annual Agreement. No refunds are available outside of the 12 Month Agreement. Upon Set Up minimum service fees are committed to and paid up front for the services.