Revenue Share Programs

Revenue Share Programs with your RRR247 Program are listed. Please get with your Instructor and be sure to get Positioned with the Team.

Revenue Share Programs

SHORT – Explanation of the IBO/RESELLERS program that allows our US Students access to $750 a month for 6 months Minimum:

This is a FULL EXPLANATION of this incredible PROGRAM so you can hear it in incredible detail (for those that are skeptical and cannot believe that we have something this amazing to help you to build your PBS Businesses with):

IF YOU ARE READY FOR THIS and you are 21 to 69 years of age: Let your Instructor Know.

IF YOU ARE UNDER 21, so 18, 19, 20. Or older than 69: Let your Instructor Know. This needs to be connected with your MSI (Master System Instructor) who will get you connected with our solution.

If emailing to get going, please email: and be sure to get connected through your Instructor and/or MSI so we can coordinate things in the best manner possible.

Revenue Share Programs are Literally all Connected within the RRR247 and PBS Processes.

Be sure to see the full explanation of things within EPISODE-9. Go Here.

There are so many ways to increase your Income Potential as you follow the RRR247 Training and implement everything within your PBS.

Be sure to attend the Training. See for Schedule.