Hello and Welcome to the easiest way to RESET your Hosting for your PBS.

Simply Set Up your Hosting Agreement by using our PayPal Link or our Credit Card link. Terms are spelled out, and by doing this in the following manner, we avoid additional fees. And you just start today OVER with the 90 day hosting plans.


CREDIT CARD (Not using PayPal): GO HERE TO

Once you get that all completed, you are good to go as far as hosting. Then from there we have the following to reset your knowledge on how this incredible Performance Blogging System Works.

Start Here:

It will take you through a link to find out “” and will show you the 5 Steps of Understanding.

Then you can go through the rest with your Instructor. With your Reset/Renewal process  you will be either working with your Instructor or you will be assigned a New One. Depending on your Account Status.

They will guide you through the rest of the STEPS, as needed to get you fully onboard with us again. Be sure to ask about the IBO Program – as we have opened that up fully to our Students now. It is a “NO COST” way to receive $750 a month. There are requirements, and it is for fully active Members of RRR247.

I would tell EVERYONE to take advantage of it. It is a guaranteed income for being part of our solution. See it in Session 2 – in accordance with the 5 Steps.

Welcome Back to your Hosting. It is the one cost you need to keep your Performance Blogging System Up. Be sure to get everything done, and enjoy the Multiple Streams of Income this is proven to create.

God Bless!

-Rory and Tanya Ricord

Co-Founders RRR247 and the Performance Blogging System (PBS)

And Your Partner in Success. Let’s do this. We got you.