This is absolute Recruiting, Training and Duplicating Perfection. This is how we are creating Millionaires by the Numbers. Going to Spell out the Full Process, from beginning to end. This is absolute perfection in recruiting, building, duplicating. This is where we create and build the Millionaires within the process. This will create hundreds of Millionaires as we take this around the Globe. EVERYTHING is complete and set up. And now its only ways to make it larger.

The Lead Generation and Recruiting Process:

So they come in as a LEAD to MAKE MONEY POSTING ADS online. We have processes that run, and bring them in through something LIKE THIS. Or Like This. This is our LEAST CONVERTING VSL page, though we have several.

  • VERSION 1. (Only EBOOK Order). Used after they see a YouTube Video (or other): VERSION 1.
  • VERSION 2. This is one of our Videos then the Order for the Ebook. VERSION 2.
  • VERSION 3. This is a ROTATION for A/B Testing with just the EBOOK and then the VIDEO and EBOOK as we market where things are being sent to the book. VERSION 3. Seeing what works best in different locations. Then going with 1 or 2 based upon a proven series of Marketing.

We create “BUYER LEADS” that pay to gain access to our Training. These are used for Online Education and Business Processes. Direct to our Instructors, and with use in our Partnerships that are looking for their VIP BUYERS, and they refer the rest back to our Customer Support.

See the VMarketing Training (This is how the Student Leads are “Worked” by the Instructors)

Get connected with an INSTRUCTOR. And then we go into the BRT Process. Instructor Does the BRT “Build Relationship and Trust”. THIS IS THE MAIN SKILLSET we TRAIN ON. This allows for the best use of the Recruiting Process. “The Art of the BRT”. This is what we TRAIN ON constantly. This allows the BUYER LEAD that wants a solution to earn by posting ads online and doing online Marketing to be open to what the PBS and RRR247 is all about. SEE THE BRT SCRIPT AND STUDENT FLOWS HERE.

Once the Initial BRT Process is Complete. We then have the Student watch this video (while we are on hold for the 13 minutes it takes): “The Keystone Presentation”. Which afterwards, they are excited to see this fall in line with what they were looking to be a part of.

We then email them the Getting Started Email. (All Emails are Templates and Available in the VMarketing Training as explained below). Which takes them to order process for the PBS at or

They are Given (If they didn’t receive it already in the Student Process) the Marketing Is Freedom Ebook and Access to the Audiobook. Etc. They must read/listen to this before Session 1. Else we reschedule. The BOOK does the Marketing and sets the Education Levels needed for this.

NOTE on TECHNICAL SIDE. This Takes 2-3 Days to Get that Set Up. Allowing for the VIP Process to take place.

IF THEY ARE QUALIFIED FOR VIP INSTRUCTOR PATH – they show the New Student the VIP Presentation (This is PERFECTION) PASSWORD: Impossible (Capital I)

They Watch the VIP Presentation. If they are YES for this, it is processed with Compliance Team. Financing Options, etc are available. (This will require some training and instruction – but simple process). If VIP they get assigned to the VIP Instructor for the Team. Or to one of them if multiple are in the Team. IF they do not have VIP Instructor for the TEAM, they need to build up to use this. NO EXCEPTIONS. NOTE: 1 in 5 usually go VIP. All others gain a huge appreciation and value to what this is.

IF THE INSTRUCTOR IS NOT QUALIFIED FOR VIP INSTRUCTOR PATH – they set up 3 Hour Session 1. And they are the Instructor. Currently the Largest Path. We are working to build this up. Ideally all Instructors can and will be participating in this process. It weeds out ones that never work out, and allows us more quality in the recruiting and training process.

Then Everything Continues with the Student as spelled out in the Instructor Training.

See that Here.