VMARKETING is where you get to Participate in the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Legs of Marketing. Your Instructor should be able to get you going with this. Or you should be working with a LEVEL 2 Student/Instructor In Training to get this set up.

Here is the Launch Training. This is a GAME CHANGER. We are creating MASSIVE ACTIONS and MASSIVE RESULTS from this. Enjoy the VISION explained and see what this is all about here:

Should you need assistance, go to your Instructor’s Instructor, or your supporting GSI, PSI, or MSI. And should you not know who they are, call support and get help. 1-877-310-5353. NO ONE IN RRR247 should be in a situation to be left out. We are all about supporting and building with all RRR247 Family Members.

  • Firstly; we all work with our PBS, and creating Content and working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • Secondly; we all post ads and promote our Offer Pages (Especially our Anchor Offer Pages).
  • Thirdly; we all work aspects of Social Media Posting. Something that is throroughly trained on in our VIP Platform.

These represent our initial 3 legs of our Marketing Table. Then to press on for more success, and to make things happen bigger, brighter and better; we add VMARKETING. This is connected with working directly with your Instructor/Specialist to take advantage of Team Building. Team Duplication.

And furthermore a proven way to build up incredible Income Streams and Income Potential with those Income Streams. When everything is put into motion, you are sitting at a Table with 9 Legs. Stable, Successful, and with the Ability to allow you to grow. UNLIMITED POTENTIAL. Here we go!

What You Need to Get Started:

Firstly; you need to be set up with GOOGLE.

  • Have a Gmail Email Address you use for Business. You should have established this already. If not, do so now. Go to gmail.com and set up a new Gmail.Com Email Address. You will want to use this within the Google Suite of services that are available when you are using Chrome Web Browser and are signed in with your Gmail Account.
  • You will need to have access to your Instructor’s Google Calendar. Some will have access to multiple Instructors’s Google Calendars. This will allow you to see their availability and to then be able to “Set Appointments” for them on your behalf. You will be setting up appointments through your Google Calendar.
  • Also you will (as available) want to have Google Voice activated and available to use with this VMARKETING Process. This allows for more available SMS/TEXT Messaging to be available to you. Start with 10 new contacts a day. Increase to 15 after 1 week. Increase to 20 after another week. Maintain no more than 20 Unique New contacts a day from there. You can send multiple texts to each Contact, but no more than 20 New Contacts a day.
  • You Need Access to the SMS/TEXT Messaging Scripts and Email Template for Use in this VMARKETING PROCESS. Gain access to the Google Doc Folder by clicking here.

Here is a VIDEO on utilizing GOOGLE. You will be accessing GOOGLE DOCS with this LINK. Here is an Overview of this:

Secondly; Be Set-Up with Trello.com and Connected with your Instructor and a VMarketing Trello Board.

Do this with your Instructor.

Have your Trello.com Account Set up. Preferrably with your same Gmail EMail Address you use for Business. This is used to keep track of your VMARKETING leads that respond favorably. As well as to track their progress with your Instructor.


  • Make sure it is connected to Rory Ricord, Tanya Ricord, Wynter Ricord, Tytan Ricord, Edison Ricord, Graysen Dorr, Garet Dorr, Linda Horn, and Matt Uyehara. So support and contact systems are connected with the way we manage Trello overall.
  • THESE BOARDS NEED TO BE CREATED BY GSI/PSI/MSI. They will also be added to these Workspaces and Boards.
  • Make sure to Make Tanya Ricord, Rory Ricord and Tytan Ricord “ADMINS” on the BOARDS/WORKSPACES as well. We need this to properly be able to update as New PBS’s are creates and so forth.

You will want Lists added to your Trello VMARKETING Board for the following:

  • Wine Ambassador Follow-Up
  • Velovita Follow-Up
  • VYVO Follow-Up


Thirdly; Get VMARKETING Leads from your Instructor.

You will want to have Access to your VMARKETING Leads. You get these through your Instructor. They get them from their MSI. Make sure you are always with available VMARKETING leads to work. Give your Instructor ample time to get you more before you run out. You should be working from a list of thousands, so you can hit them for several days before running out.

ALSO: Be sure to have a copy or multiple copies of Rory’s EBOOK Marketing Is Freedom. Your Instructor can forward it to you. YOU HAVE RORY’S FULL PERMISSION to share his E-Book with everyone and anyone. We want to make this World Amazing. We Get to DO THIS!

And Fourthly; Here is Nile Eddy Training on VMarketing / SD Leads / 101 Leads. This is representing the 3 Legs of Marketing we utilize in the Complete VMarketing Process:

RECAPPING ON BUILDING YOUR PBS AND YOUR MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. This is where you get to “Do what Rory does” to “Get What Rory Gets!”


This is where it all begins. You are connected with your Instructor or your VIP Instructor. Depending how you began your Journey here with us at RRR247. From here your Instructor and Support Team will be walking you through the FLOW. This is a Four Session Process of getting you going with your PBS in a way that success is all but Guaranteed. (Wait – it is Guaranteed!!!).



  • This is where you get to understand and relationship you have with your Instructor and Support Team. You are going to begin a “Layered” education in the Process and System that we have. It is a “System” and not a “Suggestion”. If you do what Rory does, you get what Rory gets. Furthermore, we all only win when you do. If you show up, we show up. The more success you have, the more we have.
  • You are instructed on the power of the two Marketing Premises that create our Success with our PBS System. The Marketing House, and the Shopping Mall. We are put into a place where we can earn income from virtually unlimited directions and products.
  • And you get connected with our #1 Anchor Offer Wine Ambassador. This is the most relevant thing we have ever marketed. It is not going away, and it builds foundational income for us.
  • You gain access to our Conference Calls. We are a Career Driven Marketing Family here with RRR247. See the Conference Webinars available each and every week at RRR247WEBINARS.COM. Be sure to put Tuesday Night’s PBS Student Call on your Calendar and don’t miss them. We get to hear from Rory weekly with new updates and ongoing additions to the income streams we have here with our PBS and RRR247.
  • You are given the Homework that will prepare you for Session #2. This is where you gain knowledge and understanding of the Circular Methods as proven by Rory for over 3 Decades now. When this homework is completed, you are ready to get with your Instructor to go through the Session #2.

Light Bulbs of Understanding Should be going off in your head. This is Genius. And as you realize it, you should be able to see the VISION of your Dreams and Goals become a Reality.


  • The 2nd Anchor Offer, Velovita is explained and you are set up with the #2 POWERHOUSE to our Marketing House and Shopping Mall Premises of Marketing. This creates an amazing relevance to Market with. Between Wine Ambassador and Velovita we cover a huge Consumer Demographic. These two Anchor Offers have proven incredible results and are a true element to our success with our PBS.
  • You are shown and instructed on how to modify your PBS Offer Pages, and Category Pages. This is done as you continue from the STEP 1 of information through Session#2 into STEP 2 of the Training. This includes getting your links for commission and tracking with our Kiosk Offers.
  • Following Step 2 within the rrr247.com/rrr Training you will be following PBS-SETUP in setting up your initial Offer Pages to become the “Author” of your PBS.
  • Then Following Step 3 within the rrr247.com/rrr Training you will be following Modifying Your Category Pages.
  • Then Following Step 4 in Adding Additional Pages to your PBS.
  • And then Following Step 5 in Adding Response Magic to your PBS.
  • Then Following Step 6 to do Link Post Advertising and Ads to your PBS. Following our suggested direction from Rory in spending 50% of your time in Content Creation and 50% of your time in Ad Posting, Social Media Marketing and Posting, and our other Ad Posting Methods as trained.
  • Leading to following Step 7 where you apply for Google AdSense. This turns your PBS into an online Cash Machine. This makes things even more fun and rewarding. And it is a milestone that allows your belief and understanding to be something incredible.

SESSION #3: Get involved into VMARKETING and adding additional Legs of Marketing to your Marketing Table.

This can all be started as you are finishing everything in SESSION #2. This can be done simultaneously. As a result you can be progressing and getting into our proven methods to build as a Team.

  • Into “LEVEL 1” of our advancement process from Student into Instructor. Even if it is understanding to help support your Success Team(s).

VIDEO FOR SETTING UP A LEVEL 1 STUDENT: We do this in Session 2. And this way they can be set up and ready to go, with VMarketing Leads AS WELL! No walls in their success happening.

PART 1 of 2

PART 2 of 2

  • Into “LEVEL 2” Helping to Teach other Students to complete SESSION #2 and SESSION #3. Helping Team to Grow and Build. Building of their PBS, and getting Google AdSense. And then simultaneously involved in VMarketing. Where learning with initial VMarketing Leads and progressing to LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 3 with SD/101 Leads in Addition.

SESSION #4: Into understanding and more access to Instructor Programs

  • Into “LEVEL 3”: Instructor/Specialist Marketing.
  • Continuing through rrr247.com/rrr and into Steps #9, #10, #11 and #12.
  • Gaining Access to the VIP Training Platform:
  • Accessing additional Marketing Programs, additions to your PBS and so much more.
  • Plus have Access to VIP Member Only Live Training and Marathons by Rory.

As you see. This is an absolute System of Success. Trust the Process. Learn the Steps and apply them. Enjoy the small wins. Because we have been creating success here for 14 years; we are guiding our Students through what we ALREADY KNOW WORKS.

Furthermore, this is a powerful method to help the World. One Family at a Time. However, while everything is provided, you need to do the work.

As a Result, you need to just follow and do the work as given and directed by your Instructor and Success Team. Because your success is our success. Attend the trainings. As a result you’ll learn it all and apply it to your success with your PBS. You show up, we show up. Always.


Here is MSI Nile Eddy with MSI Andy Perryman on ways to be more efficient with your VMarketing:

Here is a LINK to Marketing Is Freedom. This replaces uploading it as well. So if you are in a remote location, and need to add the Ebook. Use this Link: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AgBXvUGaPKiMoB35VEHRNsbe7X-b?e=TTCyOR

Training on Working as an Instructor can bee seen Monday through Friday from 11am EST till 7pm EST. On https://rrr247calls.com

Please Note:

  • Be sure to attend to listen and learn. This is not a Q&A time.
  • We do specific training and Q&A on Saturdays. During the Third Training Hour as listed on and access thru https://rrr247webinars.com.
  • This is an important aspect to the RRR247 Process. Learning and applying these processes allows for “Now” Incomes as well as to Add to the Speed of the Team’s Growth.
  • There is no one here that will quit on you. You will get better and better as you do the VMarketing Steps and Process. Doing is learning. You cannot make mistakes really. It is just getting better and better at the process.

ADDITIONAL TRELLO TRAINING: As Needed to properly work VMarketing with our Teams:

TRELLO Workspaces and Board Training and how we are effective to work together as a Team within TRELLO:


We like to get everyone started with FREE SERVICES such as TEXTNOW or similar. However you will want to go with a Suggestion Below as you become serious. And all of us should be serious. And to get the habits of doing VMARKETING going. However, as we get into a steady process you will need to find a solution that is more “Commercially Viable” and that is better for massive action.

Suggestion #1: DIALPAD. This is for those doing this Part Time to Full Time. And it is set up under Rory and Tanya’s Corporate Account. This is used by Rory Primarily. It allows for UNLIMITED and is effective.

Suggestion #2: SLYTEXT: They offer Pay as you GO pricing. Monthly Messaging Packages. And This is a great alternative the the Free Services. However you will find that if you are POUNDING out the VMARKETING, this is more expensive than Suggestion #1.