Into Session 3

Into Session 3 is for guidance on working with your Students as you take them into the Paid Marketing Aspects and Paying It Forward.

Be sure to set up a Catch Up Meeting (within 7 days or so) to see that they are Modifying Their Pages and Getting Thru Steps 1, 2, 3 and onward.

Get them into the Google Calendar invites for the Study Halls and RRR247 Training. See full list available at: 0r

Do this on ZOOM/SKYPE where you can screen share. If you do not have a ZOOM room. Get it by going here: https://rrr247,

Session 3 and Session 4 happen as they Attend, Learn, and then Jump Into VMarketing.

As they Grow Their Team, they will become better and better at the Instructor Process. This is a do and get better process.

Support Them as they Build into CSI’s and GSI’s. Knowing that GSI’s get direct Access for More Support with Rory and Tanya to build them to PSI, MSI and MSI Elite. You want to go and build more Students into Instructors, and Instructors into CSI’s and GSI’s.