Into Session 2

Into Session 2 is for direct instruction on how to guide your Student through the Session 2 Presentation and the Processes of Setting up Anchors #2 and #3.

When you get onto Session 2 Appointment, you will be sending them the Session 2 Email. You will be letting them know once again that while they are watching the 55 minute and 5 second Training Video you will once again be Doing Marketing Work to Pay it Forward with them and their Businesses with us. Setting a timer for 55 minutes and 5 seconds to start once they hit Play on Session-2 Video.

  • Once you are on the Phone for this. SEND THE EMAIL from “Session-2”.
  • Then Walk them through the Session 2 Email.
  • Getting them onto the page and walking them through the process as explained in the email. Doing “First, Second and Third”.
  • Then going to Step 1. And having them select “Do This Second” which is the Session 2 Presentation.
  • And then after watching the 55 Minute and 5 sec presentation to join you back on Zoom or Skype to continue Session 2.

You will be getting them into ZOOM, or SKYPE to be able to work on their PBS and to get them set up in the Anchors. THIS IS HANDS ON. Get them into ZOOM ROOM or SKYPE. And be logged into their PBS and ready to get them into the Anchors.

Instruct them to into Zoom, or Skype to connect with you at the Conclusion of the Session 2 Video.

  • Everything you watched in the Homework Makes Absolute Sense Right?
  • Now you understand the other Two Anchors. Velovita and SHG correct?
  • So today we are going to get you set up in Anchors #2 and #3. And we will get those links modified in your PBS. And then into your learning the “Art of Performance Blogging”. Meanwhile myself and the Team will be building your Business. Just like we are already with Anchor #1.
  • From Here You Will be Modifying your Pages to Make You the Author. And completing the Steps to get Google AdSense added to your PBS. This makes your PBS a Cash Machine! Plus all the Anchors and “Residual Affiliate Marketing” incomes we create.
  • Then as we get through the Steps, we will get you into Session 3 where we get you full access to use the Paid Marketing (that is fully funded by Rory and Tanya Ricord). While you are going through the Learning Curve and getting things set up with your PBS, we (the team) are building half of your Anchor Businesses as we PAY IT FORWARD with our Marketing already in motion! Awesome Right?

From the RRR247CRM.COM/ADMIN Account. You will be modifying them from a Customer to STAFF. Doing this will create their Staff Account, and put them in as an Instructor. They will be fully ready for training in Session 3. They will receive access information and a password to their email.

Then you will be Creating a Subscription for them for the PBS Vortex. Following the protocols located here.

Walk them through Logging into their RRR247CRM.COM/ADMIN account. Then into Subscriptions. Have them search for their Name. Then complete the Subscription.

Then Show them the Zoom Rooms and where they are Located within their RRR247CRM.COM/ADMIN account. And be sure to get them into the Google Calendar for the Meetings for your Study Hall(s) and all the calls as on Once they are STAFF they need to know about the Instructor Calls. And if they have signed up for the PBS Vortex Subscription they will be receiving the NDA and be sure to let them know about the NDA and to sign it when they receive it. This is to allow them full access to all the Marketing and Leads and Support. And that it is only to be used for RRR247 Businesses.

Within 5 Business Days (longer with the initial launch) they will be set up with their PBS Vortex. They will receive an Email with the following Details as well as have it added to their Notes in their Customer Account in the RRR247CRM.


Ideally you will be working with them on adding their LINKS for use with the PBS Vortex in your Session 3 Training. Helping to get them added into the correct locations. Fine-Wines, Teacher Pages, Home Page Posts, and PBS Page.

  • Enroll them. Then pull up all the pages for them to see that you will be modifying. There are several pages to Modify. If they understand the process, have them go to (STEP 1) and direct them to the IBO Explanation Video. Have them watch that as you complete the link changes for the Brainfood Academy their SHG Pages.
  • After they complete the IBO Program Video. See if they qualify and want to do it. If so, create a Card (COPY) for it in the Appropriate Trello Board. Make sure to Copy just the Members, and not the Comments or Checklist.
  • Then Show Them How to Add their Email Capture Programs from the PBS Vortex into their Widgets and Locations in Their PBS.
  • Then Show Them as you Add them to your Google Calendar for the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday Trainings. Along with your Study Hall(s). And explain their importance.
  • SEND THE EMAIL from “Session 2 Going Into Session 3”. Be sure to EDIT accordingly. This is where you are giving them your Velovita® Enrollment Link (marking it “DONE” if done or having it instructed at least here for when they do Enroll Into Velovita®). This has the SHG and the KIOSK Offers As Well. You are well advised to walk them through those in Session 2. So they have it as they progress through the STEPS of Training.
  • Walk them through the connecting with the Facebook Groups in STEP 1.

If they cannot do the BEST way, they do the “OK WAY”. No one needs to do the “NO WAY” now. They come into Velovita® as a Promoter, Influencer or “BEST” as Ambassador. And SHG is Gold. If they are unable to do the Member with Velovita®; then they enroll as Affiliates and get Access to “GROW INTO IT”. If affiliate, ask them to buy a tuun or a box of snaps. They need to experience at least 1 Velovita® Product.

It is important that they have full access to all the Support. After Session 2 we go Into Session 3 which is making sure they are Modifying their PBS and Following the Steps 1, through 15. And being part of the GROUP Support that we do as RRR247 and as we do in our Teams.

They should be added to all the Weekly Calls through your Google Calendar. Make sure to Remind them to start attending as they can. Especially Tuesday Nights, and Saturdays. Though all of them are important for their Success.