Into Session 1

Into Session 1 is where we go through how you go from the BRT, into PBS, VIP Option, and then into Session 1 training using the tools.

KEY THINGS to be Aware of for this Process:

Be sure you have done a GREAT BRT. The BRT process is the #1 SKILLSET you need to work on. The better you are at this, the easier and better you will duplicate. Be sure to get the training. TAP INTO all the LIVE Training on this as you Can, by as many Leaders as you Can. Attend the Live Events where this will ALWAYS be a FOCUS.

Be Sure you Know your Way around the Google Calendar. Your timeliness and organization are critical parts to working smarter, and therefore being able to get “MORE” from your time.

Know that you are LEARNING the most by DOING. It is all great. They do not know how it is supposed to go. You are leading. As a great Mentor in my life told me “In the land of the blind, the one eyed Man is King!”. You know more than they do, you lead. You will only get better the more you do this. Just do it, and improve with each new Student you work with.

This is how the Session 1 Process Should Go:

Be Sure That You did a Great BRT. If not, this is your chance to add to it. And be sure to highlight their WHY’s. Re-establish their initial Income Earning Goals.

Then when you are on the Phone with them for Session 1, start with recapping their BRT and/or solidifying it. Then do the following. In BLUE is the SCRIPT. In Black are the Directions.

STATE THIS EXACTLY (Or Modify to where it is easy for you to say the same thing):

Remember, I do not get Paid to Train You. I get paid when you get paid. I should be paid by all usual ways, because I know how this works and how to create Wealth with it. And that is worth being paid for. However, this was built the way Rory and Tanya wanted it. The way they would want it to be if they came into this program, with the knowledge of how it works of course. So we all make money when you do. That is the way it is today, tomorrow, 1 week from now, 1 year from now, 20 years from now and so on.

(SEND THE EMAIL from “Session 1”. )

So I am sending you an Email. Subject Line is “Session 1”. Please open that. This is going to have Rory explain this awesome program for you. Again, we make money when you do. And not only that, but we get to “Pay It Forward” with our Marketing to build your Businesses with us. We do this starting today. And while you are watching this, I am going to be working on things to create the Marketing that we both share in. This will make absolute sense once we get through things today. After you complete the Video, Call me. I’ll have my timer on. We have a set amount of time today. We need to go from this Video into me giving you your PBS and showing you how to access it. Then we get going into “Money Making Activities”. So talk to you in 1 hour 10 minutes!

Have them open the email, click on the URL to go to and have them play the video, and have them open it to FULLSCREEN. Set your timer to 1 hour 10 minutes.

Then when they have completed that Video. Send them the PBS #1 Welcome to Your System

Pretty Great Right! Now lets get you logged into your PBS.

In your own words, walk them into accessing their PBS. Make sure they are logged into their /wp-admin.

Be sure to explain to the following: STATE THIS EXACTLY (Or Modify to where it is easy for you to say the same thing):
  • You have everything you need in the programming and hosting set up. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a Proprietary Set Up. If there is anything that says you do not have permissions or that it is missing, disregard it. You have all you need.
  • If you Knew how to be a Web Developer, Web Host and were to set things up the way you needed them to do what we do with Performance Blogging you would be looking at a minimum of $500 a month in hosting costs. And here we have everything you need hosting wise for just $16 or so a month. We really focus on working smarter as a Community and keeping overheads low. Hosting is not where the money is made. We make our money from the System down to us all by the Products and Services that we Market. This is something most do not understand, and the good thing is you do not need to know anything about hosting. We have a full technical team and solution behind us here. All included.
  • Be Sure not to Change your Password. Should you be forced to change it, notify me IMMEDIATELY. This does not happen, though if it does in the future, just be sure to notify me immediately.
  • This Comes with full Technical Support. Meaning, as long as you do not change things or cause the need for the technicians to clean things up there will be costs. So don’t go into settings or admin areas and modify things. Stick to the training.
  • Now if the Worst Case happens, which is a HACKER gets into your System, you are covered. This is our biggest threat. Why? Because the traffic we create is “GOLD”. Literally it creates incomes. And these hackers want to hack in and redirect our traffic to where they get paid. They are at this non-stop. And most of this is being fixed all the time and you’ll never see it. Though if anything comes up, let me know and we get the Techs on it immediately. We had a huge issue years back where a massive hack happened. It was a big deal, 2 years in the making. And it took many of our server systems down where they were stealing our traffic. This was a huge issue, and it got solved. Guess what it cost the students to get fixed? Nothing. So know you have huge backing. Just be sure to follow the Training (that we get into after Session 2) to set up your Backups. It takes just seconds for each of your PBS Pages. And with those, we can restore the worst case scenario in about 1 to 2 hours. So we are bullet proof – following everything in the training.

Then get them to go to their “VISIT SITE” on the Top Left. Guide them with their mouse to go to the Small House and “Your Online Community Information System” where the Drop Down should appear giving them the Option to “VISIT SITE”. Have them click on Visit Site taking them to their PBS Home Page.

  • Now this is your HOME PAGE. And while we do not directly market to the home page; people will go to it. And because of the specific template we use it is required that we have posts on our home page. These are for Cosmetic purposes only. And you will see that you have 2 posts on your home page now. Once you modify these to be your own, you will not need to do a Post “P-O-S-T” again. We will be working with Pages, “P-A-G-E”. We utilize the blogging P-A-G-E, page to work with the way Google Indexes and so on.
  • Now, on your left you will see our Menu System for Desktop and Laptops. We run two menus. One for Desktop and Laptop, and one for Mobile. They operate differently, and depending on where we are marketing upwards of 70% are showing as Mobile Users. So let’s show you the difference so you are aware of it. Please click on Arts & Entertainment for me. Do not worry about the Drop-Downs, just click on the words Arts & Entertainment. Ok that takes you to “Arts & Entertainment in the Middle of your Page Correct?”
  • Now to see what the Mobile User sees, go to the Black and White “MENU” on the top right corner of your Site. Now click on that and it will open up a Drop Down Menu.

Make Sure they are there. This is important details. And helps with their understanding and ease.

  • Now click on the Arts & Entertainment Category. It does not go to Arts & Entertainment now does it? It opens another Drop Down Correct? So for this reason we came up with “All Things Arts& Entertainment”, “All Things Beauty & Cosmetics”, “All Things Blockchain” and so on. So please click on “All Things Arts & Entertainment” for me. Now this takes you to “All Things Arts and Entertainment” right? So know that this is an exact Copy of Arts & Entertainment. So when you change 1 be sure to update and change the other to match it. OK?
  • All right! Let’s get to the fun stuff. Go to the Health & Fitness Category on your left. This is a Category Page. It works just like an Index for a Book. But instead of Chapters and a couple of sentences about each Chapter; this is an Alphabetized and Organized list of items that fit the Category. This is not a Sales Page, it is not a Marketing Page. It is literally an index. This is for easy navigation. Remember the majority of our sales comes from people clicking around and “discovering things”. You’ll notice the format. We have a paragraph explaining the Category, then the listed items in Heading Size 3. They have a Clickable Link, then a few sentences or even a small paragraph about the item, then a Clickable Link. Then it goes to the next item. See that. Now you want to keep this format just like this. This is on purpose and it is necessary for the guidelines to get with Google AdSense as a partner with us. And that is awesome.
  • Ok, now the Category Pages go to Offer Pages. And this is where the Marketing is done. And remember, “Marketing Done Properly makes Sales Order Taking”. And that is exactly what we want. So go ahead and click on the “Bio Hacking a Better You”. Let me know when you are there.
  • Ok, just so you can visualize it, you will be changing the verbiage on this page. But you will be using the Video Presentation like we all do. This Video Does all the Heavy Lifting. It is proper Marketing. And when Marketing is Done Properly, Sales Become Order Taking.
  • Now to recap, I do not get paid to Train You. I make money only when you are, and not only that, but I and the Team get to share our Marketing with you. Paying it Forward to build with you and for you while you are learning how this all works and getting your PBS all set up. Then when you are able to jump in, your business is in motion and you get to build it with us as well as pay it forward to others. And again; While you are watching this, I am going to be working on things to create the Marketing that we both share in. Ok… talk to you again in 50 minutes.

Then (SEND THE EMAIL from “Zoom Meeting Link”. )

When they are done with the Video.

  • Pretty Great Right? Now I have sent you an Email entitled “Zoom Meeting Link”. Please open that and connect with me in my Zoom Room so we can get things set up and begin modifying the links in your PBS.

Then walk them through the enrollment. Get them onto Zoom/Skype and access their PBS and Enroll Them into Velovita® and Modify Their Velovita® Links in the Health & Fitness Category of their PBS.

Remind them that they can go forward, but they will not benefit from the Team Building and your “Pay It Forward” Marketing until they Upgrade to a Member.

Then Schedule their 2 Hour Session 2. This can be immediately following Session 1 or the next day or so. You want to make it happen asap in accordance with both of your Schedules.