GOYA or Get Off Your Ass is for our Prized Instructors taking care of the Front Lines. The main answer when students call into our live lines.

Training Video to get you Going:

You all should be at least a CSI or Higher. Meaning you know how to do the BRT, and how to present into the Keystone Video. As well as in doing “The Flow”.

SCENARIOS For Inbound Support

Specialist Referred Student Back to Customer Support to Get Going with Us:


Student Calling in for a Refund of Their Training and Education Purchase:


Someone Calling in for a Refund or to Get Assistance and they are Not in our Trello System or They Purchased from Someone Else, but are referred to us for Support Anyway (WE LOVE THESE):


Student Calling In and they are a “Declined Buyer” as noted in their TRELLO CARD:


Student Calling In and They Have Not YET Been Assigned to a Sales/Specialist Floor:


Student Calling In and “Cannot Get Ahold of their Specialist” For Any Reason: