SO here is the schedule of things going on. And Location Details.Friday:

You should be connecting with your MSI/PSI/GSI Teams. If you are in the LOBBY area of the Sheraton Hotel, Rory and Tanya will be making their rounds as they do before the Dinner with Kosta.

Nile Eddy
Jay Fish
Austin Christensen
Rebekah M Spears
Shane Belceto
Donna Meyer
Chriss Babb
Deana Eddy
Rick Overstreet
Jacqualyn Bellavia Duhon

Everyone Else: You’ll be working within the plans of your Leadership This Evening.

Morning: We will be starting with TOURS at 9:00am. You will need to be leaving from the Hotels in McKinney 30 minutes or so earlier. Check your GOOGLE MAPS for Driving times. 

  • Location for Saturday Training: 1801 South Industrial Park, Van Alstyne, TX 75495
  • There is plenty of Parking. And they will have a great reception for us.

TOURS are at 9:00am, 10:00am, and 11:00am. These are 30 PERSONS PER TOUR. And we will only be having 3 Tours. 

  • From 9:00am in the Main Room we will be mingling and going over things with all as we can. This will go by fast. 
  • We suggest being there 10 minutes to 9:00am. 

Noon till 1pm will be Lunch. And this is going to be AWESOME. We will be eating for 1 hour. And then the training will promptly begin at 1pm.

1pm till 6pm is our “Intense Training” by Rory and Tanya. And Kosta. There is going to be HUGE NOTES and LEARNING. So be fresh and alert. And bring your bran. 

Saturday Night:You’ll be working within the plans of your Leadership This Evening.

  • Starting at 9:00 AM at the Sheraton McKinney Hotel in the LOBBY Areas. Rory and Tanya will be getting the Groups Going on Tasks.
  • At 10:00 AM at the Holiday Inn & Suites McKinney – Fairview in the LOBBY Areas. Rory and Tanya will be getting the Groups Going on Tasks.

This will be on-going. Rory and Tanya will be going back and forth as the Group Process in the Master-Minding Commences and Continues. 

Lunch Breaks as Fitting

Please get with your MSI/PSI/GSI. If you are working with Rory and Tanya Directly. Please be at the Sheraton McKinney Hotel at 9am. And be sure to get with Rory while we are at the Training on Saturday – in the 9am till 11am time period.



Event2024 is coming up here in January 2024. Here is the Itinerary for the Event. Location is McKinney Texas.

JAN 25th Thursday Arrivals for Some – as scheduled with MSI/PSI/GSI Leadership

JAN 26th Friday – Arrivals for Some – as scheduled with MSI/PSI/GSI Leadership

FRIDAY NIGHT – Dinner with Kosta, Jeff, Rory, Tanya and the TOP 10 Winners of Promotion.  WIll have to do with POINTS in LEADERBOARD in Velovita BackOffice. So TOP 10 `by Points for November and December Combined And Thru January 21st (End of that Commission Week). Top 10 for BOTH Months Combined Earn the Dinner. 

Qualification Time for TOP 10 Dinner is November 1st 2023 thru January 21st 2024. Top 10 by Leadership Board Points will be the Determining Factor. Winners will be known as we will keep a rolling TOP 25 available.

JAN 27th SATURDAY at LaCore Laboratories. WE will all be getting ourselves there from the HOTEL to the LAB. Morning Start, LUNCH PROVIDED, And end 4pm (approx). VELOVITA AND BRT TRAINING (FOCUSING ON THE BASICS LIVE) 

Get your TICKET for the TEAM RICORD EVENT in the “STORE” from your Velovita BackOffice

Several Key Points of Leadership and Duplication Training


And in coordination with HOTEL locations.

JAN 29th DEPART DAY – or as scheduled with MSI/PSI/GSI Leadership


  • Check with your GSI / PSI / MSI for which HOTEL they are going to be at. We will be doing GROUP things in the way of Masterminding on Sunday. And other things happening on Thursday and Friday. Check with your Leadership.
  • Check for Roommates and More with your Leadership. Sharing Rooms is an effective way to get there, and save money. Invest to get there, and share in what is going on with someone else in RRR247.
  • Check for Car Pools from Airport to Hotel and to the Training Event. We will need transportation for what we are doing. Organize this with your Leadership and Groups.

#1 Sheraton Mckinney Hotel


1900 Gateway Boulevard, Mckinney, TX – Allen – McKinney

#2 SpringHill Suites by Marriott Dallas McKinney/Allen


2660 South Central Expressway, Mckinney, TX – Allen – McKinney

#3 Holiday Inn & Suites McKinney – Fairview


3220 Craig Drive, Mckinney, TX – Allen – McKinney

Also Recommend Renting Cars (And CARPOOLING) for the Friday / Saturday  / Sunday needs. There are GREAT rates and will be most effective.