2024 – We Have it So Easy Now!

2024 is Easy Here. We are Welcoming you Back to RRR247 for 2024 and what we KNOW is the Most Incredible “PLAN B” ever. We have done it!

We are so Ready for Huge Things in 2024. We have made the Road To Success Here Easy now. Just get in, get going and follow the System.

We are Welcoming you Back to RRR247 for 2024 and what we KNOW is the Most Incredible “PLAN B” ever. We have done it!

Your Instructor Will Get Your PBS Back Up And Going If Needed. You will only be paying Hosting and all Activation Costs are Waived at this time. We want you back and going!

This is what you are a part of. This is the NEW as we moved into this in 2023. If you are an Existing VIP this is already working and available for you. And There IS NOTHING more for you to Pay For with this. Your VIP Instructor Will Explain What This Means for you in your Contracts with us. CURRENT VIPS are GRANDFATHERED into this PROGRAM!!!

  • This is what you can build up to. WE ARE NOT ASKING YOU FOR VIP SET UP AT THIS TIME.
  • We will need to build your Business Up to Take Advantage of this. BUT WE WANT YOU TO KNOW this INFORMATION!
  • The Processes and Available Awesomeness is all there for all Students.
  • VIP’s have the Advantages of the VIP Instructors and What They Are Doing to Utilize RRR247 at a Higher Level.
  • Watching this is good for everyone, because the VIP Process is Available as Achievements are Met.
  • Watch it to understand more of what this is regardless of you being a VIP or NOT. Your Instructor Will Cover any Questions.
  • We Have 4 Sessions of Training. And the First Two are the Critical Learning and “GETTING GOING” Sessions. Please Watch Session 1 and Go Through the Episode-8. These are the Set Up Sessions. We progress to Sessions 3 and 4 as you are well into the Set Up and Getting Your PBS going.
  • To Help With This, Your Instructor will be Inviting you to the Weekly Training and Support Zooms. Including weekly Study Halls where you can always get the help you need for anything along the way.

This is Anchor #1 explained. We have 3 Anchors that not only bring in the most Traffic for our PBS but create our largest Income Streams as we Build in the Team Manner.

Now its Time to go through the Homework for Session 2. This is Awesome and will get you the Knowledge of how this all works.

This Explains Anchors 1, 2 and 3. And now is the time to get with your Instructor and to get the following set up.

  • Anchor #1: Our DTCA Program. Includes so many Direct To Consumer Programs. And more and more coming all the time. One Umbrella with Unlimited Potential.
  • Anchor #2: Velovita. This is a HOME RUN addition here at RRR247.
  • Anchor #3: SHG. Another HOME RUN that was added here in 2023. And we are Loving It.

And allow your Instructor and the Team to get to working for you and your Customers that we Share. Then its into Step 3. And Beyond. We build together. Building all the Anchor Offers in a Team Format so we help everyone to Win.

  • Get your PBS Set-Up Again (if needed).
  • Then Get Your Anchors Set Up.
  • And get Going with the Set Up and Processes from there Following rrr247.com/rrr Step 1, and Step 2, and so on. As your TEAM is building the Anchors with and for you together.

ANCHORS! We have solutions for those that cannot DO IT THE BEST WAY. This is where we can build up! (Your Instructor Knows All About This). So we fixed where people felt “destroyed” because they couldn’t participate in our THREE KEY ANCHORS. Now they can, and can build up!

Start With Step 1. Then go to Step 2. And So on. As you continue through https://rrr247.com/rrr (Which is the Home of All Training)

We have our First Live Event This January 25th till 29th. See Details Here. And you want to get there if you can! It is going to be incredible with Training, Leadership, and Masterminding with Rory and Tanya. This is going to set up many for huge success in 2024. We are building things better than ever!

BE SURE TO BE THERE. Add THESE to your CALENDAR and take note of the ZOOM Link for Accessing. BE EARLY these will fill up!

This is a Very Well Publicized Founders Call (First of 2024) With Jeff Mack and Kosta Gara. We are going to be ABSOLUTELY “BLOWN AWAY” with the EPIC Advantages Given to us. (Let’s say we are aware of 80% of the new things coming, and while sworn to Secrecy, WE KNOW you Will GAIN BIG by being there). This is going to set us up for a huge 2024 with our Number 2 Anchor Offer!

This is our NEVER MISS Training Time. Tuesdays are where THINGS HAPPEN! And we are going to be rolling out SOME AWESOME THINGS for 2024. Things are really coming together to make this even more of a WINNING PLACE for all.

As of Saturday December 9th, we have the LAUNCHING PBS for all New Students as we Enter into 2024 ready to Create Dreams and Knock out Goals one by one for everyone!

Welcome Back – and We Will Get You Going Strong from here! GO through everything above as you can and know your Instructor has your back. And wait till you are involved in the Study Halls and Group Training. We have Perfected this!