CashNetwork Direct Enrollment Links By MSI

As you know, we are a full on “Marketing Machine” offering both Anchor Offers and Kiosk Offers within the manner to which Marketing and Sales happen. How Consumers purchase.

Our Kiosk Offers come from a few direct sources. Many are from CashNetwork Direct. We are a separate division (all uniquely RRR247).

You are to Enroll In CashNetwork Direct under your MSI “Master System Instructor” within RRR247.

This allows them to assist you in the matters of issues that can arise. It is also important for Group Stats. Contests and more. If you are unsure of your MSI – ask your Instructor who your MSI is. You should make sure to be connected to them. They are there, and in full time capacity to support you and your Instructor Team(s).

If you are with Rory Ricord, or do not know your MSI : CLICK HERE to get set up.

NOTE: Once your account is approved and connected to your MSI, you will log in from