Anthony Powell

We are exceptionally proud of our association and connection with Anthony Powell. He is an incredible human being. His connection with Rory Ricord and Tanya Ricord is one of a bond in doing business with others that is of a high level. Furthermore; it has been a relationship spanning Decades.

AKA: AVP is the latest of known “Nicknames” given to Anthony Powell in respect to his giving and sharing in the ways of wealth and prosperity. DTC Ambassador, an incredible Wine of the Month Club (DETAILS HERE). The Wine of the Month Club has a featured GrandCru Wine called “AVP”. This is in honor of Anthony Powell and his continued wisdom, support, and shared path with the ownership of DTC Ambassador. Having a wine label erected in your honor says a lot. And we are positive that everyone within the Wine Ambassador movement are huge fans of this AVP.

“AVP is living proof that anyone can achieve balance & optimum success in every dimension of their life.” – Robert Kiyosaki

Greatness Attracts Greatness. And it is an honor to be in the Ripple of the Effects of this all. In addition; Think of the “Pay It Forward” attributes this is creating.

anthony powell

There are references to Anthony throughout the Performance Blogging Community. Items of note while listed here are but a mere glimpse of this man’s ripple effect. If we were to show the ripple effect it would be something like this.

Jim Rohn’s Ripples of the Center most spot rippling through Anthony Powell and Rory Ricord as Direct Ripples. These Ripples then continue pouring through hundreds of Ripples deep shared with Anthony Powell and Rory Ricord alike. Because of the strength of the Ripples, Jim Rohn and Anthony Powell both share the Ripples of Rory Ricord and Tanya Ricord. Probably why they are so strong in their reach and strength as the are rippled out to tens of thousands of others.

The Ripples and the sharing of them thru Anthony Powell:

Anthony would then show his Ripples going through hundreds of shared Ripples with Rory Ricord and Tanya Ricord Both. This is connected through the greats of the sharing and education process represented here with RRR247. From the greats such as Nile Eddy, Deanna Young, Priscilla Ashleigh, Stacy Southward, Donna Meyer, Shelia Matchett, Jennifer Langford, Jennifer Oliver, Melissa Goebel, Shane Belceto , and hundreds more that should be named. This author surely has a lot of work cut out to maintain the message intended in this page.

Take a moment and visit a listed page to the Anthony Powell effect:

The ongoing effect, the ripple effect of multiple layers of “Legends” in the bettering of people they work with is impressive. Jim Rohn has been an incredible part of Anthony Powell, Rory Ricord, Nile Eddy; and now the second and third and down hundreds of ripples as it passes forward.

Thank you for everything you have done. The things you continue to do; and are sure to do in the shared directions we all are on with you. Be sure to keep up with the continued content and more with the Podcast and more Located Here.

In Addition to Everything; Anthony is Constantly Giving. Constantly Supporting anything that is benefitting others. Because of this; more and more are influenced to Greatness. Around the Globe we will be seeing the ongoing Ripple. As a Result; the Legacy is set and progressing.