When we are not able to Jump in Fully, we have the Affiliate Programs. These work in the following manner for our Anchor Offers. All Three of them!

This allows them to have the links and be able to GO FORTH and build with us. They can get going in VMARKETING and BUILD to the Full Programs and Everything Involved.

INSTRUCTORS here is where you get the links: (SEE EMAIL TEMPLATE BELOW PLEASE)

For Velovita® you will get your “Become an Affiliate” Link. It is literally “” where UNITED would be your USERNAME, or the USERNAME of your Team Member you are building up Customers with.

NOTE: When they place an order (which we want to get them to experience the products) we suggest the lites’ or at least a box of bran! This makes for a Customer in the 3 Customer Qualifications for our Full Commissions (USA ONLY REQUIREMENT).

Here is a Video on where to Access and How to Modify the Links for our Anchor Offer #1 (Velovita®) Offer Pages on our PBS:

For Savings Highway Global: We have this at $20. Doesn’t get any better than that! And we grow up into the Platinum and Titanium


Clearly once the DTCA LINK is ready you will add it in. Coming SOOOON!




SUBJECT: Become an Affiliate



Since we are going to build up into everything we are going to at least get you positioned in our 3 Anchors as Follows.

1) Velovita® Affiliate Program. Allows for Commissions on Referred Customers and we will want to get upgraded to Promoter, Influencer or Ideally Ambassador as we build things. But this will give us an Affiliate Account to Market with in the meantime! 

2) Savings Highway Global. This is $20 and acts like an Affiliate Program anyway. Building up to the full Platinum and Titanium Membership levels as we Build this Business and Customer Base together.

This will get us going in the 3 Anchors. And we will build up as we work the Paid Marketing and get the Performance Blogging going.
We Got This!