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We Offer a System. Do what we do and Get what we GET! This is a proven path.

This is not something that just happened. This is Decades in the Making. And we are Creating Success. You just need to follow our System.

Why Performance Blogging

The Creation of the Performance Blogging System (PBS) gives you the Tools and Platform to Create Income from Actions 24/7. And from all around the World.

When you have a System that creates a way to Produce Sales and Profits and it is expandable and ready for the Future; You can empower the World.

When you also Market things that make Life’s Costs Less, and the Qualify of Life Better; You can now Give anyone a Way to Get out of the “Rat Race” and into “Wealth Creation”. That is what the PBS allows.

Proven Success and Guidance from the Creator of the Performance Blogging System

We are following the Proven Training, Teachings and Processes as Proven by Rory Ricord. Author of Marketing Is Freedom.

RRR247 is a Community Created to Help All Members Rise Up.

This is where we get to Pour Into You and your Success. This is a System that Creates Success at all Levels. We utilize Team Work, Corporate Structure, and Solid and Proven Marketing to Win. And we are Winning Non-Stop. We teach this System to those that can follow instructions and who refuse to Quit.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that this is something you Cannot Do By Yourself. And while these are some of the FAQ’s that Come Up The Most; We Pride ourselves in our High Touch, 1 on 1 Support. Where we can address the needs of the Individual. See where we need to focus to get you where you are needing to be. Get in CONTACT with a 1 on 1 Instructor today.


Can You Really Make Money Online? Nothing I have ever tried Works for Me. There is some incredible processes and programs out there. There are also several dishonest, or misleading, or over-exaggerated programs. We have been building and supporting Business Development for over 3 Decades This Incredible System that works with Web Systems (Our PBS), and numerous methods and tools to Market Works. Though it works at the speed you allow yourself to learn and apply the Skills and Operational Training we provide you with. We also have been creating Wealth through these Very Same Methods and Systems. We created the Performance Blogging System and are creating Success and Results that have allowed this to Full Time Careers and Time and Financial Freedom Creation for SEVERAL. And we are only making it better and better. You need to take a look. You need to OPEN your understanding to be taught and shown things you didn’t grow up understanding. You need to take note of the future progression we are a part of. And you need to do it with our Instructors who were Once Like you looking in. Now they get to “Pay It Forward” as they share the Knowledge and Skills with New Students coming int.


How Much Time Does this Really Take? This is no a J-O-B or something that creates a situation that pays you dollars for hours. That is a way to never get ahead. This is a proven “SYSTEM” with everything you need to succeed. Especially the 1 on 1 and Teamwork that shares the Success. There is nothing like this to compare it too. This is a Passion Business built by Rory and Tanya to make the World a Better Place. To help create methods for building Legacy (Pass it down to your Loved Ones) Solutions. It is an entire Eco-System to create Multiple Streams of Income. Proven and built with the understanding of the Patient Process. And we have solutions to share with you ways to create hobby income, part time supplemental incomes, full time replacement incomes, as well as Career Lifestyle Changing Incomes. The more you can put into it to get things going and set up, the better. Though we have success with Students with as few as 2 to 4 hours a week. The more you dive in, and follow the Steps, the better you can do.


If your program is so good? Why isn’t everyone doing it? Why aren’t we hearing about this all around the World already? Great Questions! In fact we have been working with hundreds of thousands of “Students” looking at our Program. And no matter how amazing our program is; we cannot do the Work for You. There is so many ways to “Win” with what we do. However, it is WORK. And it takes learning new skill sets and pushing yourself past your Environment. Many Quit before they find Success and Happiness in ANYTHING. And all we can do is Show Up with our Students that Show Up. We have Thousands Creating Incomes. Join us on our Weekly Trainings to see and hear the Success. Quitters will say something doesn’t work or is a Scam. Yet they will work 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire with 40% of their Income. 95% of Americans retire BROKE. Its not just about HARD WORK. It is about Working Smart. And utilizing technology, structure, and “The System” to be working for you. We teach, we motivate, and we lead by example in doing the Work we do with you. It is about Working Smarter, Not Harder. And it takes learning and understanding to be able to take advantage of “The System”. We Stand Behind our SYSTEM and the Performance Blogging System 1000%. Wait until you see the full understanding. Connect with an Instructor Today.

The World is Changing. We are in the now and future directions of DTC. Direct To Consumer.

When you become a Student and Member of the RRR247 Marketing Family; you step into a Solution that the World is becoming more and more aware of. The way of everything is Direct From The Manufacture to the Customer. With Inflation on a constant rise (never ending) and the change of the Global Economic times; Demand will always Dictate Solutions.

We are in the Marketing Side of all things. Without us, new finds, new methods, and new ways of things are not happening. Nothing Sells Itself. And what we do shares the New, the Better, the Value in ways that benefit the Community.

Your Complete PBS is a Click Away. And within 48 hours you will be able to be Creating the Path to Wealth through our Proven System